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Sequelitis - YouTube
Arin Hanson's short but brilliant series on design evolution in game sequels. His insights are valuable and delivered entertainingly - in particular, he provides the definitive examination of the finely-crafted opening level of Mega Man X.
design  humor  video  egoraptor  mega-man  castlevania  zelda 
4 hours ago by docprof
RT : This is the most clever and in depth math joke I've ever seen.

math  nerdyjokes  mathjokes  humor  from twitter
12 hours ago by martinpickett
How to Succeed in Business Even If You're Cursed
They say the best revenge is living well. Borgin thinks otherwise, and ensures Malfoy pays for his family's part in the decline of business, but Draco has other plans.
HarryPotter  humor  fave  ficrec  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  oneshot  AO3  author:Darkrivertempest 
13 hours ago by Red_Paladin6
RT @A_Silent_Child: This is the most clever and in depth math joke I've ever seen.

#math #mathjokes #nerdyjokes #humor…
math  nerdyjokes  humor  mathjokes 
13 hours ago by jasonkenney
Hermione's Betrayal
Crookshanks didn't notice Hermione's odd behavior, not at first.
HarryPotter  humor  Crookshanks  Hermione  Dramione  oneshot  AO3  author:endless_dreamer 
14 hours ago by Red_Paladin6
Summer in the Adirondacks, 1955
Rodney is working at an ice cream stand over the summer to save money for university, and John is one of his regular customers. They have more in common than Rodney first thought.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  historicau  meet.young  cute  humor  brumeier  1000-9999 
yesterday by popkin16
Life of the Party - Chapter 1 - AggressiveWhenStartled - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Completed WIP, posting in installments.

[“You know, kids,” Steve heard from the backyard, “one of the most common threats a superhero has to face is inside an active volcano! We’re going to have to work on your evasion skills, so for the next five minutes, the floor is lava!” This was met by a sudden spike in both volume and pitch from the small children as they scrambled onto every raised surface they could find and immediately launched themselves right back off.

“I’ve never seen actual lava in my entire life,” Steve said, vaguely offended.

“You got a superhero impersonator for The Falcon’s niece’s birthday party,” Sam said, incredulous. “The Falcon, who is an actual superhero.”]
wip  avengers  ficrecs  slash  humor 
2 days ago by casapazzo

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