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"Stiles thinks about Scott when it happens, tries to get some, y'know, perspective. He thinks about Scott, that there are worse things that can happen when you get hit with an unexpected dose of something. When the device that had been left behind as a last little screw you by the fae they'd been dealing with blew up in his hands he could've been reduced to tomato paste on the walls.

Instead, he has a tail and little pointy striped tabby ears on the top of his head."
author:kellifer_fic  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  fluff  oneshot  au  werewolves  humor 
14 hours ago by yuurei
The Paleo Diet For Cavemen | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
The Paleo Diet plan for Cavemen It can be true, fad diet plans have been around because the dawn of time. See extra LIKE us on: Follow us on: Follow us on: Forged Ugg – Mike Trapp Thog – Grant O’Brien Lucy – Kassia Miller CREW Director – Tim Wilkerson Producer […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Health  cave  men  people  caveman  CH  originals  clean  e...  collegehumor  Comedy  diet  fad  funny  humor  Internet  Paleo  Sketch 
22 hours ago by wotek
That Spin I'm In
"What does that mean?" Matt asks Strange.

"Well, that depends," Strange says, unfolding his legs and letting his feet touch the floor again. Matt gets the distinct impression Strange is hedging. "Are you currently suffering heartbreak?"

Matt very carefully doesn't think about Elektra. Or Karen. Or Foggy. "Let's leave my personal life out of this."

Strange clears his throat. "Yes, well, that option may no longer be on the table."

Matt really hates magic.
daredevil  canon  romance  humor  angst  first!time  team  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite 
23 hours ago by popkin16
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
“He’s practically suicidal,” Luke elaborated. “He got himself into danger today with no regard for his own safety. And I don’t know much about what he does outside of this- but from the way it sounds this is his entire life.”

“As far as I understand, it is,” Claire confirmed for Luke. “He used to be better about it, yeah he was still reckless but not to the point of this.”

“You said he had a friend,” Danny commented. “Maybe we could get him back into contact?”

“That’s a slippery slope you don’t want to go down,” Claire waved a hand at Danny. “Trust me.”
daredevil  angst  first!time  hurt/comfort  romance  team  humor  10000-29999 
yesterday by popkin16
Red in Tooth and Claw
There are rumors that Daredevil’s a Shifter: a panther, an owl, a wolf. He knows too much, some people say. He’s uncanny. He’s a freak.

No one’s been able to prove it. Matt can count on the toes of one paw the people who know about him - well, those who are still alive, anyway. Even those few are more than he’s comfortable with. It’s not safe for people to know - not for him, not for any Shifter.

Never trust anyone who isn’t pack, Stick always said.

Matt has no pack.
daredevil  canon  au  team  10000-29999  romance  first!time  angst  hurt/comfort  humor  gorgeous/favorite 
yesterday by popkin16
Why Weddings Are A Total Rip Off | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Why Weddings Are a Total Rip-Off This whole ceremony has been hijacked by a greedy business searching to make a buck. #AdamRuinsEverything Enjoy an all-new Adam Ruins Every thing on truTV just about every Tuesday 10/9C Capture up with clips & whole episodes of Adam Ruins Every thing at Like Adam Ruins Every thing […]
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