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Times Newer Roman
Introducing Times Newer Roman, a font that kinda looks like Times New Roman, except each character is 5-10% wider.
design  education  font  fonts  typography  opensource  free  funny  humor  humour 
9 hours ago by speckz
New Programming Jargon
The top 30 Stack Overflow New Programming Jargon entries.
programming  humor 
11 hours ago by keimlink
where the dread fern grows
Sam's gotta buy a wedding present, and nothing but elf booze will do.
fic  au  gen  humor  marvel  captain.america  post.winter.soldier  sam.wilson  bucky.barnes 
23 hours ago by Beatrice_Otter
Times Newer Roman
One of these lines is longer than the other.
design  education  fonts  font  typography  opensource  free  funny  humor  humour 
yesterday by atran
Scooby Doo: Which Witch is Which?
Which Witch is Which? is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Episode # 113
US air date: December 6, 1969 (CBS)
Run time: 22m 2s
Written by: Ken Spears, Joe Ruby, and Bill Lutz
Directed by: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Witches  Television  Cartoons  Humor  Zombies 
yesterday by dbourn
Drip - Mike Rugnetta
In part one of this essay, we discussed goods labeled “tactical” and the apparent reference intended by those objects. Our conclusion was, roughly, that tactical objects allow wearers / users to perform an association (a perhaps defensible one) with the armed services and various first responder personnel: police forces, and so on. 

We also uncovered a fundamental tension present in many tactical goods: try as they might to denote a particular lifestyle or occupation, these objects largely connote them. In surveying the array of tactics-based products, one may behold multitudinous visual metaphors for lifestyles focused on service and preparedness but may notice the lack of a material association with those lifestyles, or the people who practice them. In short, we came to understand aspects of tactics-things as pure fashion. 

But the ‘authenticity’ of the objects is not under question here. Rather (or really: in result), we ask how a person may ~become~ “tactical” or “a tactician” through the purchase and use of these items. In this second and final installment of a Half Baked study concerning A Material Semiotics of Tacticality we’ll discuss what tactics are and how the tactical-as-such can be seen in tactical goods. We’ll discuss the ethics of the tactical system of objects, and that system’s seepage into various locales. 
delightful  humor  cultural-norms  aesthetics 
yesterday by Vaguery

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