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A Case of Questionable Detective Work
Furihata is dating a mystery person, but despite what the clues suggest, it’s not who everyone thinks it is.
author:melodycard  fandom:KurokonoBasket  pairing:Akashi/Furihata  established-relationship  outsider!pov  humor  oneshot  character:KagamiTaiga 
yesterday by yuurei
Furihata doesn't understand why Akashi is interested in him in the first place and everyone agrees that he and Akashi are a 'mismatched' pair since they are too different in every aspect. Still, you can't really help with whom you are falling in love… can you?
author:lunaryu  fandom:KurokonoBasket  pairing:Akashi/Furihata  au  oneshot  humor 
yesterday by yuurei
WWDC 2017 — APPOCALYPSE — Apple - YouTube
Published on Jun 5, 2017
Ever wonder what life would be like if all our apps suddenly disappeared? Enter the Appocalypse.
Song: “All Right” by Christopher Cross
apple  youtube  WWDC  apps  humor 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Treasure Island gods
Sumary: Wednesday tries to recruit Captain Flint for his war, and runs afoul of Thomas Hamilton in the attempt. Meanwhile, Shadow just wants a new goddamn book to read, is that so much to ask?
fandom:blacksails  fandom:americangods  author:redwhale  fic  crossover  flint/hamilton  humor 
2 days ago by daughteroftime
Soul Roommates
“Clint. Tony,” Steve spoke like he was talking to a potential jumper who was standing on the edge of a rooftop. “We all know you love each other.”

“Maybe a little too much,” Rhodey added.

Steve sent Rhodey an annoyed look, and Rhodey sent it right back.

“Listen, you two can’t marry each other just because you make good roommates,” Sam cut in when he saw Steve and Rhodey headbutting.
author:akira_of_the_twilight  pairing:Clint/Tony  oneshot  domestic!fic  fluff  oblivious!character  humor  au  college!fic 
2 days ago by yuurei

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