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5 weeks ago by BogieZero
Inspirograph 1.0
Inspirograph 1.0
by Ron Hale-Evans

Publication date 1993-11-06
Topics hypercard, hypercard_stack, hypercard_games-humor-fun
Freeform brainstorming tool to create random text strings.
Emulator pce-macplus
Emulator_ext img
Identifier hypercard_inspirograph1
Pce_drive_fd1 HyperCardBootSystem7/HyperCardBootSystem7.img
Pce_drive_fd2 disk.img
Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.7.1
hypercard  ego  creativity 
12 weeks ago by rwhe
HyperCard Online
HyperCard Online is a way of getting your HyperCard stacks up and running online. Simply upload a stack in a Stuffit Expander-compatible file (.sit, .sea, .hqx, etc..) or a Macintosh Disk Image, along with some basic information such as the name, author and a description of the stack.

Behind the scenes, your stack will be uploaded to the Internet Archive, where it can be run in a web browser.
hypercard  mac  archive  cooltech 
august 2017 by cogdog
Internet Archive Brings Back HyperCard
HyperCard, the graphical hyperlinked Mac app that influenced the invention of the Web, was invented by Apple engineer Bill Atkinson after an acid trip 30 years ago this weekend. Now the Internet Archive brought it back with a collection of over 3000 hypercard “stacks” that you can explore right in your browser. Each stack opens inside the Archive’s emulator of an early Macintosh computer.
2017  Mac  HyperCard  emulator  virtualization  Lifehacker 
august 2017 by jmello

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