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ios - Cordova/Ionic CLI code signing - Stack Overflow
--buildConfig attribute which you can use to manually specify build configuration in .json file like this:

"ios": {
"debug": {
"codeSignIdentity": "iPhone Development",
"provisioningProfile": "926c2bd6-8de9-4c2f-8407-1016d2d12954",
"developmentTeam": "FG35JLLMXX4A",
"packageType": "development"
"release": {
"codeSignIdentity": "iPhone Distribution",
"provisioningProfile": "70f699ad-faf1-4adE-8fea-9d84738fb306",
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4 hours ago by fareed
Shortcuts Archive – MacStories
t waist circumference in HealthKit by entering a numeric value. The shortcut can also be used from the widget. By default, the shortcut convert
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7 hours ago by segfault

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