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Running Keras models on iOS with CoreML - PyImageSearch
Today, we’re going to take this trained Keras model and deploy it to an iPhone and iOS app using what Apple has dubbed “CoreML”, an easy-to-use machine learning framework for Apple applications:
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Medill Reports Chicago: Annual blessing of the Bodega Bay fishing fleet marks a shorter and uncertain salmon season
Medill Reports Chicago
By Rebecca Fanning Bodega Bay, Calif. The Karen Jeanne rocks and sways as Dick Ogg steers out of Bodega Harbor, past the rocky breakwall where surf-casting fishermen wave from their perches. Behind him, an array of boats fall into line, each decorated with signs and flags, their decks full of fishermen, families and friends. To some … Continue reading Annual blessing of the Bodega Bay fishing fleet marks a shorter and uncertain salmon season → Read the full story
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Bloomberg: Opinion | What Does America Have to Complain About?
Non-stop business knowledge Get more on The Bloomberg App OPINION | POLITICS Finding hope at the corner of Norman Rockwell and Google. APRIL 26, 2018 10:00 AM EDT This article was adapted from a speech given at the “Disinvitation Dinner,” an event sponsored by the William F. Buckley, Jr. program at Yale University. I want to reflect on the problem of being an old guy who has convinced himself that the American project is dead. By “the American project,” I mean the continuing effort, begun with Read the full story
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'Beyond belief': Brexit app for EU nationals won't work on iPhones • The Guardian
Daniel Boffey and Lisa O'Carroll:
<p>[UK Home Secretary Amber] Rudd had insisted that using the Home Office app would be as easy for the 3 million EU nationals in the UK as setting up an online account at LK Bennett, the clothes retailer. She also said it had been “extensively tested”, but Home Office officials admitted they had not yet begun mass testing of the app. They also said they would be hiring 1,000 caseworkers for a customer service centre for EU citizens, although they had not yet begun this process.

However, the fact that the app does not work on Apple devices has highlighted what many say is the government’s poor record with technology.

EU citizens who have tested the app say it requires just a small amount of information, such as a scan of a passport, address, email address and a selfie to match the passport picture. The system then matches the biographical details with HM Revenue & Customs records to give the applicant an instant answer as to whether their application has been successful.

However, it has emerged that because Apple will not enable its technology to read the chip on modern passports, the registration can only be completed on an Android phone.

Guy Verhofstadt, the European parliament’s Brexit coordinator, said he would be writing to Theresa May this week about a series of wider concerns, including the £72 cost of registering, and the need for every member of a family to individually apply for settled status.</p>

Doesn't work on Apple devices because their NFC chips won't talk to the NFC chip in modern passports. That's not good planning, really.
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