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Ian MacKaye and Brandon Stosuy on independence, creativity, and The Creative Independent – The Creative Independent
"It should come to no surprise to you that I’m not a member of any social media team. [audience laughs] I see those sorts of things as gated communities. If you live inside, you get to swim in the pool. If you don’t, you don’t even fuckin’ know there is a pool. Right? I’m not going to be lured in to go inside that gated community for convenience sake. That’s a lure. It’s a lure that I’m not comfortable with. I said, to Brandon “I don’t want to do that.” I said, “Can’t you just email people?” Because if you email it, I might actually be able to be a part of this, too. I could come to this fuckin’ thing. There’s a group that does political events, and they had somebody that was, I think, a former Black Panther, come and speak in my town. I didn’t hear about it at all. There were no flyers, nothing. I said, “Well, wow,” and he said, “It was on Facebook,” and I said, “Well, I don’t live in Facebook, I don’t live there.” This was five years ago. It’s gotten now to the point that it’s so much worse where really significant, life changing, experiences occur where that if you are not on that side of the fence you don’t hear about it. That is very troubling to me."
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october 2016 by ghostboy
Steel for Brains - We're Not The First - A Conversation with Ian MacKaye
And if you look at what did come out in 1981 on major labels I think it’s pretty clear that the vast amount of those releases were just not important.  They sold well.  People liked hearing them.  But how interesting that these insignificant, these obscure confrontational bands that have no marketing value would’ve compelled this, two people, 31 years later to talk about it on the telephone.  To me, this is what people have to think about when they’re trying to think about the power of being on the outside is.  If you’re worried about being a part of the industry you’re probably n
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january 2013 by markpbaggett
Approaching Oblivion: Ian Mackaye Interview (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord Records)
"Ian: I see bands every now and again. I went and saw a band from Philly called Paint it Black. They were solid, I enjoyed them. There's a band down here called Give, which I think are kind of cool, another band called Gift, that I think was kind of cool. I’m not interested in a musical style, a look or an attitude, what I’m interested in is new ideas. I want to see people wrestling with new ideas."
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november 2012 by ghostboy
Minor Threat at Irving Plaza in New York, 1982
"This time it's Minor Threat at Irving Plaza in New York, 1982. This isn't necessarily a rare recording, but this version is pretty low generation and not hissy or garbly like other ones I've seen on line"
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september 2009 by yahooza
Playlist for Put the Needle On the Record with Billy Jam - May 18, 2007
Ian MacKaye interview on WFMU. The politics of radio, ethos of self-control, genius of Don Zientara, madness of the post office.
may 2007 by screeny

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