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ICO guidance: a good re-SAR-lt for controllers? - Privacy, Security and Information Law Fieldfisher
Subject access requests ("SARs") are viewed either as an essential right or a huge administrative burden, depending on whether you are the requestor or responder.  Recent Court of Appeal ("Court") case law has made the Information Commissioner's Office ("ICO") update its Subject access code of practice ("Code").  The balance in the "disproportionate effort" exception debate has tilted in favour of controllers, but ICO does not give them carte blanche to refuse SARs.
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yesterday by moonhouse
Charity fundraising enforcement action | ICO
Between 2015 and 2017, the ICO carried out an investigation into practices in charity fundraising and some charities’ compliance with the laws that protect privacy and prevent nuisance phone calls. This resulted in us fining 13 charities for breaking the law when handling donors’ personal information.
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2 days ago by corrickwales
ICO fines Kensington & Chelsea £120,000 • UK Authority
Mark Say:
<p>At the end of June the council received three requests for statistical information used in a report in 2015; specifically the addresses of empty properties in the borough.

As the council no longer held the information, different sources were combined to produce an Excel spreadsheet that included named owners against the addresses of empty properties. This was not originally intended to be disclosed, but an oversight led to it being included as hidden data on the spreadsheet made available to the FoI applicants: it could be revealed with a double click.

This led to the publication on newspaper websites of the number of empty properties with details of three high profile owners. In addition, the spreadsheet was published on one journalist’s online blog for an hour.</p>

Excel considered harmful.
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
We tracked down the SaveDroid motherfscker and need your help • Crypto Briefing
Adam Selene on the followup to that "cryptocurrency exit scam" which featured yesterday:
<p>Crypto Briefing tracked Yassin Hankir's location to an Egyptian resort town.

UPDATE: By now, many of you will know that Savedroid perpetrated what they consider to be a giant prank designed to illustrate that exit scams are a part of the crypto market.

Here’s the deal.

When you take $50m in funds that are raised by investors who believe in your project, you don’t then pretend to disappear with that money.

What happens if you do? People start looking for you.

Yassin Hassir may consider himself a genius for drawing the eyes of millions to his stunt. But to his investors, he caused them anxiety, pain, and distress.


Hassir broke that rule. And while there are those who will criticize Crypto Briefing for trying to help those investors track down their money, and the man who claimed to have stolen it, we are proud of our response.

We took the trouble to search for hours online to match a photo to a location in Egypt. We called the police in Frankfurt. We did what we could to be part of the REAL community – the kind of people you’d want on your side if this had been the real thing.

As to the prank itself? Not so clever. Not so funny. And having dragged his company’s name through the mud, not so good for Hassir’s investors.

We will not be removing the original article, printed below, because we are – as we say – proud to be acting in the best interests of our community.</p>

Hassir posted a photo of a beach and an Egyptian beer online; the community pored over photos of beaches in Egypt, and tracked him down to his hotel. He says it's a PR stunt. The equivalent of running with scissors while lighting matches in a firework factory.
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6 days ago by charlesarthur
The - Derived Business Will Grow To $3.1 Trillion By2030

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9 days ago by dtomoff
China And Blockchain: Most Patents And More Governmental Funds. Read more:

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9 days ago by randyhilarski

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