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Credit reference agency Equifax fined for security breach
The ICO fines Equifax £500K, the maximum amount possible under the old Data Protection Act (via Privacy Kit)
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2 days ago by jm
First UK enforcement action under GDPR and the new Data
The action in question was an Enforcement Notice of the Information Commissioner, served under section 149 of DPA18, on AggregateIQ Data Services Ltd ("AIQ") requiring it to:

'cease processing any personal data of UK or EU citizens obtained from UK political organisations or otherwise for the purposes of data analytics, political campaigning or any other advertising purposes'     
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3 days ago by corrickwales
Eight in ten internet users have concerns about going online - Ofcom
Around eight in ten adult internet users (79%) have concerns about aspects of going online, while almost half (45%) have experienced some form of online harm – according to research carried out by Ofcom with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
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3 days ago by corrickwales
Hoard's public / has begun. Will you join our efforts to make simpler to adopt & use?…
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6 days ago by randyhilarski
THE day has arrived! Hoard's public / has begun. Will you join our efforts to make si…
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7 days ago by randyhilarski
Did you know will have a dedicated support team?

/ begins September 15th!

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8 days ago by randyhilarski
We're thrilled to have the community participate in Hoard's upcoming / on 9/15.

"It's the final…
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9 days ago by randyhilarski
DSHR's Blog: The Four Most Expensive Words in the English Language
Very interesting read about distributed peer-to-peer filesystems and their history.
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11 days ago by mnielsen
continues to play an important role in the , and spaces. However, is in…
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12 days ago by randyhilarski
Home Office takes years to answer information requests - BBC News
The BBC's request was only answered after the Home Office was instructed to do so by the Information Commissioner, who intervened when we complained that the department had not replied.

The Home Office admits that its delay in some cases has been "unacceptable". In the past it has been censured by the Information Commissioner's Office over its slow handling of FOI applications, which the ICO has described as "extremely lengthy", "particularly severe" and "inexplicable and unjustifiable".

However Elizabeth Denham, the commissioner, faces criticism from openness campaigners for not taking stronger action over these persistent failings. The Campaign for Freedom of Information says "the ICO has been asleep on the job".
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13 days ago by paulbradshaw
The baroness, the ICO fiasco, and enter Steve Wozniak • FT Alphaville
Jemima Kelly on an $80m ICO [initial coin offering] scheme kicked off by Conservative peer Michelle Mone and businessman boyfriend Doug Barrowman, who with their four board members apparently have "a track record of over 300 [not a typo] years in business"; it didn't go quite as planned:
<p>We spoke to several of EQUI's bounty-hunters [online boosters who write encouraging social media messages and push ICOs, for money] and were shown Telegram messages. When they complained about the amount there were getting paid or the way they were being treated, EQUI threatened them with lawyers if they “bad-mouthed” the company. One Telegram message sent to a group of bounty hunters said “police can track you down if you threaten & track and bad mouth our brand name”; another sent the same day said “you are all so stupid”.

EQUI declined to comment on the messages. That a peer of the realm's business appears to have threatened criminal consequences for people encouraged to take part in its unregulated investment scheme is, if nothing else, a bad look.

One bounty-hunter, Maksim Koselev, a 29-year-old Russian warehouse worker, told us he had spent about 10 to 15 minutes per day, seven days a week, promoting EQUI online for the months during which the ICO was running, which included writing two promotional articles about the company in Russian. He's worked as a bounty-hunter for more than 100 ICOs, he said, and apart from the exit scams -- where those raising money disappear with the funds they have raised -- this is the worst experience he's ever had. He, and others, said bounty-hunters should have been paid 2 per cent of the $7m Equi raised, particularly given that EQUI is still planning to raise money from investors. He told us: "We’ve been thrown out of the window with this... This is not the way you talk, even to bounty-hunters. They treat people like nothing."

Our experience of interacting with EQUI has also been a bit... strange. When we contacted the company via its website we were replied to by Baroness Mone's press officer, who offered us a “deal on an exclusive”. When we asked some questions about the bounty-hunters' complaints, we were told that “anything that is written that is defamatory to EQUI or our founders we will take severe action”.</p>

One has to congratulate Kelly on picking her way through the thickets of this story while avoiding defamation. Well, one hopes so on the latter.
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19 days ago by charlesarthur

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