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Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
The ultimate favicon generator. Design your icons platform per platform and make them look great, everywhere
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yesterday by shangdaemon
feathericons/feather: Simply beautiful open source icons
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
yesterday by skchrko
GitHub - mariuszostrowski/subway: Subway is a set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimized for iOS, Apple Watch, Windows and BlackBerry 10.
Subway is a set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimized for:

Apple Watch Menu Icons
iOS (30px/@1x and 60px/@2x)
iOS 7/8 Style (30px/@1x, 60px/@2x, 90px/@3x, iOS 8 PDF)
Windows Phone (48px and 72px)
Windows 8 (40px)
BlackBerry 10 (96px, 81px, 71px and 61px)
icons  ui  interface  templates 
yesterday by DirkSonguer
Icon libraries
IconJar links to many icon libraries
icons  artwork  icon  svg  vector  pdf  ios 
2 days ago by oterpolk
A Pretty Good SVG Icon System | CSS-Tricks
I've long advocated SVG icon systems. Still do. To name a few benefits: vector-based icons look great in a high pixel density world, SVG offers lots of design control, and they are predictable and performant.

I've also often advocated for a SVG icon system that is based on <symbol>s (an "SVG sprite") and the <use> element for placing them. I've changed my mind a little. I don't think that is a bad way to go, really, but there is certainly a simpler (and perhaps a little better) way to go.
webdev  html  css  svg  icons 
2 days ago by bartjohnston
Kerry Kennedy: What My Father, RFK, Means Today
Think of John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson or Richard Nixon. Each, in his own way, is firmly set in a certain era of American history. Yet as vibrant as they were at the peak of their power and influence, none of these men could easily slip into the contemporary political world. Their leadership was unique to their time and place.That does not ring true for my father, Robert F. Kennedy, who was killed 50 years ago. His appearance is ever modern: the shaggy hair, the skinny ties, the suit jacket off, the shirt sleeves rolled. Beyond appearances, what is striking about RFK are the themes he returned to again and again — themes that still energize the debate and resonate in our own time.Think of the headlines over the past few years and it is easy to hear Robert Kennedy’s voice and imagine him speaking out in our country — on the madness of gun violence, the shame of police brutality, the need for compassion in welcoming immigrants and refugees, the urgent need to defy the call to war and, where war has broken out, the moral necessity of seeking peace
Time  history  anniversaries  persons  icons 
3 days ago by thomas.kochi

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