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Emojious - 1028 x 3 icons with a smile
Innovative icon set that collects more than 1000 icons, each with a smile, making it the first, quirky and eye-catching five-star product.
23 hours ago by coreyallen
The iOS Design Guidelines - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer
Designing iOS apps can be difficult sometimes, but finding correct and up-to-date information about all of Apples’ devices shouldn’t be. These design guidelines will help any designer who’s building neat things for iOS get started within seconds.
styleguide  apple  iOS  icons  resolution 
yesterday by gwippich
Making SVG icon libraries for React apps
This post describes how to make a package of React components from a library of SVG icons. Although I’m focusing on React, making any other type of package is also possible. At Twitter I used the approach described here to publish the company’s SVG icon library in several different formats: optimized SVGs, plain JavaScript modules, React DOM components, and React Native components.
svg  icons  react  components 
yesterday by spaceninja
Map Icons Collection - 1000+ free & customizable icons for maps
Map Icons Collection is a set of 1000+ free & customizable icons to use as placemarks for maps
maps  icons 
yesterday by eskimoman
How to use animated icons on a website or a mobile app
О том как с помощью плагинов Lottie и Bodymovin создать в After Effects анимацию, экспортировать её в JSON и заэмбедить на сайт
design  icons  programming  after_effects  animation 
yesterday by gevorg

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