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Gitpod - Code Now!
Online IDE with github integration
github  programming  service  ide 
1 hour ago by edzard
My Neovim Development Setup
for f in split(glob('~/.config/nvim/config/*.vim'), '\n')
exe 'source' f
neovim  ide  deoplete 
18 hours ago by mikes
Hello p5.js Web Editor! – Processing Foundation – Medium
Visit to begin making a project. You can start with one of the many examples, or start from scratch. It is free and the open source, no sign up, setup, or download required. Using p5.js you can use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create graphics in 2D and 3D, add text, images, video, and audio, and make your sketch interactive with mouse, touch, webcam input, and motion sensing.
processing  graphics  webdev  IDE  editor  tools 
yesterday by euler
DroidScript : JavaScript IDE for Android devices
DroidScript is an easy to use, portable coding tool which ‘lowers the bar’ to serious mobile app development. It dramatically improves productivity by speeding up development by as much as 10x compared with using the standard development tools.

It enables non-professional and novice coders to harness the amazing powers of modern mobile devices at home, at school or at work. You can literally code anywhere with DroidScript as it's not cloud based and doesn't require an internet connection.
android  mobile  javascript  droidscript  ide 
4 days ago by cyberchucktx
Modern Parser Generator
"I want to describe some properties of a parser generator that I would enjoy using."
parsing  ide 
5 days ago by slowbyte
ide online basado en eclipse-che y docker
ide  online  java  javascript  python  r  html5  css  eclipse  docker 
6 days ago by pacoalcaide

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