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How the hell did we get here? A timeline of Quadriga events – Amy Castor
QuadrigaCX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, has gone belly up, leaving 115,000 of its customers and all of Canada wondering, “What the hell just happened?” Some $190 million CAD worth of crypto seemingly vanished when Gerald Cotten, the founder of the exchange, died in India at th via Pocket
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5 hours ago by ChristopherA
Is HowDoo the future of social media platforms? An inside look at HowDoo’s ambitious Facebook alternative
"Can Facebook and its Instagram tentacles be unseated? Seems unlikely, but the cracks in the data armor are showing. A blockchain-powered alternative seems farfetched, but HowDoo has some refreshing ideas to consider."
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yesterday by jonerp
Identity Diversification: The Case for a Well-Balanced Sense of Self | Nick Wignall
The cautionary lesson from Tony’s story should be clear:

A single, narrow “income stream” for our identity leaves us psychologically fragile and vulnerable to sudden stressors or changes in our environment and life.

Tony’s story is not uncommon in my work as a therapist. Many folks have unwittingly constructed a life that has poor identity diversification:

Some people over-rely on family or a particular family member for their social support and interpersonal enjoyment, often to the exclusion of friends or romantic partners.
Many of us over-rely on a single hobby or interest and stop learning about new interests and activities.
For others, they may over-rely on certain affiliations, only spending time with people of the same faith or political leaning, for example.
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2 days ago by abemaingi
I Didn’t Understand Perfume Until I Fell in Love
I’m still not very good at being a person. I still use perfume as a scaffold to hold myself together. But I remember the way my wife’s wrists smell next to mine, the subtle differences inside the joint experience, and I think: maybe I’m learning.
identity  relationships  love  beauty  attention  science  marketing  business 
4 days ago by allaboutgeorge

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