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Today, the Trident Era Ends
Starting now, Microsoft will roll out their new Chromium-based Edge browser to their millions of Windows 10 users. And this will also mark the end of an era.
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22 days ago by mirthe
Today, the Trident Era Ends
A nice list of many fancy features IE had early on and that were way ahead of the curve. I remember [abusing] a lot of these! But there are also quite a few ones new to me, or interesting ways to use some I didn’t know of.
software  history  microsoft  ie  webdev  programming  development 
24 days ago by Mr0grog
Retiring Internet Explorer
Prelude In late 2004, I was the Program Manager for Microsoft's clipart website, delivering a million pieces of clipart to Microsoft Office customers every day. It was great fun. But there was a problem-- our "Clip of the Day" feature, meant to spotlight a new and topical piece of clipart every day, wasn't changing as…
ie  browser 
28 days ago by tedw
Today, the Trident Era Ends
About the rise and fall of Microsoft's take on the web.
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29 days ago by tedw
Set Up a Windows 10 Virtual Machine and Run Internet Explorer 11 and Edge on Mac or Linux
Run a full Windows 10 computer on your Mac (or Linux!) computer, legally and for free. Test websites on IE11 and Edge with full access to browser developer tools, at full speed & with confidence that you're seeing exactly what your Windows users see.
vm  windows  ie  edge 
29 days ago by j0k
Today, the Trident Era Ends
n this session, you learn more about the new standard features available in Internet Explorer 10, including grid layout, IndexedDB, and AppCache. We'll use simple code examples to see these features i
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4 weeks ago by ehayes

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