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iOS 13: New and Hidden Features, Release Date, More
> Silence Unknown Callers - In the Phone section of the Settings app, there's a new toggle that will let you block all unknown callers, cutting down on spam calls that you're receiving.
ios  mobile  phone  call  caller  spam  ignore  block 
7 weeks ago by floehopper
Need help ignoring server certificate while binding to LDAP server using PHP - Stack Overflow
/etc/openldap/ldap.conf (not /etc/ldap.conf, that is for system authentication...)
Add/modify the following line:


But, Servergraph has its own ldap.conf
ldap  ignore  certificate  error  ldaps  TLS_REQCERT  never  ssl  tls 
11 weeks ago by theskett
Untrack files already added to git repository based on .gitignore - CodeBlocQ
Step 1: Commit all your changes
Step 2: Remove everything from the repository. To clear your repo, use:

git rm -r --cached .

–cached will only remove files from the index. Your files will still be there.
You can untrack a specific file with git rm --cached foo.txt (thanks @amadeann).

The rm command can be unforgiving. If you wish to try what it does beforehand, add the -n or --dry-run flag to test things out.

Step 3: Re add everything
git add .

Step 4: Commit
git commit -m ".gitignore fix"
git  gitignore  ignore  github 
april 2019 by ferran
Create a .gitignore
Create a .gitignore file by running touch .gitignore. The file name ".gitignore" is case sensitive and the name of the file matters. Git will look for a file with that name and will not stage (add) or commit files that is is told to ignore.

content, for example:

this ignores the entire BACKUPS folder inside [git directory]/hola
gitignore  ignore  git 
march 2019 by ferran - Create Useful .gitignore Files For Your Project
Create useful .gitignore files for your project by selecting from 468 Operating System, IDE, and Programming Language .gitignore templates
automatic  build  cli  command  create  delicious  dev  development  file  generate  generator  git  github  gitignore  ignore  line  make  programmatic  programming  tool  tools 
february 2019 by devnulled

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