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Whitehall report into Muslim Brotherhood delayed by wrangling -
“Sir John will say that the Brotherhood is not a terrorist organisation. The Saudis and Emiratis will then be very upset with us.”
pathetic  terrorism  ikhwan 
august 2014 by yorksranter
The labour movement and the future of democracy in Egypt - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
The summer of 2012 could well witness the beginnings of a long term battle for the future of Egypt between two new coalitions: the SCAF-led deep state and its increasingly elite Brotherhood partners - representing the political order - and a revolutionary coalition in which the liberal facebookers - who helped open the door to Revolution on January 25, 2011 - give way to an even tougher and more militant combination of seasoned labour activists and the Ultras who never shy from a fight.
scaf  egypt  revolutiondammit  ikhwan 
april 2012 by yorksranter
The Muslim Brotherhood's Presidential Gambit | Marc Lynch
A second popular argument, held by many of the Brotherhood's critics, is precisely the opposite: that Shater's nomination represents the culmination of the long-standing collusion between the Brotherhood and the SCAF. In this reading, Shater's assuming the presidency will complete a bargain by which the former will be handed political power in exchange for guarantees of the latter's core interests. The public spats are dismissed as political theater designed to camoflouge the conspiracy. But in this reading, the fix is in and the Brotherhood is set on seizing the opportunity.
ikhwan  egypt  revolutiondammit 
april 2012 by yorksranter
In memoir, ex-Muslim Sister paints an unflattering picture | Al-Masry Al-Youm: Today's News from Egypt
“You cannot by any logic perceive all people as mere female and male sex organs that roam the streets looking for the moment of intercourse like cats," the book reads.“Nobody was saying then that women should be staying at home, raising children and beautifying themselves for their husbands. ... All of a sudden women providing logistical support became crucial,” she writes sarcastically.
conservatives  ikhwan  egypt  revolutiondammit  feminism 
january 2012 by yorksranter
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Wants Reforms Across The Arab World
Interview with Essam el-Erian
[Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2011]
Egypt  Ikhwan  Protests 
september 2011 by ReliStuPhD

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