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Using AI to Super Compress Images - Added March 27, 2018 at 09:00AM
image-processing  neural-networks  read2of 
6 hours ago by xenocid
The New Science of Seeing Around Corners | Quanta Magazine
Using shadows or bounced light to see round corners. Some of this is taking advantage of pinhole camera like effects caused by objects in the environment, some of it is lasers. All of it is lots of image processing.
science  vision  image-processing 
8 days ago by mr_stru
Snowy is a tiny module for manipulating and generating images.
Snowy does not define a special class for images. Instead, images are always three-dimensional numpy arrays in row-major order.
python  image-processing  library  programming 
13 days ago by ssorc - 3D printed artificial intelligence device identifies objects at the speed of light | 3D Printer News
The network identifies an object because the light coming from the object is mostly diffracted toward a single pixel that is assigned to that type of object.
articles  3D  printers  neural-networks  image-processing 
15 days ago by stupidgenius

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