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A simple jQuery plugin to extract the dominant color of an image and apply it to the background of its parent element.
JavaScript  tools  color  images 
1 minute ago by chromaphobic
Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash
Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.
free  images  photography  stock  design  photos  photo  stockphotos  wallpaper  resources 
5 hours ago by vonc
Over time contribute to Signals like your regular web pages.
Ranking  Images  from twitter
17 hours ago by jhill5
Architecture, Design, and Planning | Huntington Digital Library | The Huntington Library
The Architecture, Design, and Planning Collection in the Huntington Digital Library contains a portion of images from the larger holdings of plans, renderings, photographs and project records for some of Los Angeles’s earliest and most important architects in The Huntington Library.  The collection’s regional focus is Southern California and contains work by such architects as: Morgan, Walls & Clements, Wallace Neff, James Dolena, Florence Yoch & Lucile Council, Edward Warren Hoak, the Foss Construction Company, and Samuel Lunden, to name a few.
aad-research  architectural-plans  architecture  planning  cities  urban-planning  socal  california  losangeles  sandiego  renderings  images 
21 hours ago by dilibrary
Improving Client-Side Performance
Below are some ways I’ve found to optimise the performance of a site when getting it ready for a production environment, or patching an existing site. Where possible I’ll list some common implementations, though understandably we don’t always have the kind of access we want to make changes.
performance  images  responsive 
yesterday by spaceninja
The Ultimate Guide to Web Image and Animation Optimization | Elephate
Due to increasing connection speeds, the average page is triple the size of one in 2011. This has allowed publishers to ignore delivery optimization. Never fear - Marcin Gorczyca has come forth with the Ultimate Guide to getting the most out of your image and animation delivery!
optimisation  images  imageoptimisation 
yesterday by daledavies_me
Easier/faster way to research and buy: in marked as a include:

* price
* reviews
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3 days ago by jhill5

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