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The Vendor Conflict Between Closure and Continuous
Make sure that everyone embraces and understands the idea of Continuous Customers. They don’t care about internal hand-offs or phases. They see connections everywhere (experience with a current project impacts other buying efforts).
Find ways to enable continuous understanding and visibility of customer behaviors.
Don’t think of hand-offs as absolute “your problem/opportunity now” situations. We talk at Gartner about the concept of leadershift. Where employees fluidly shift into leadership roles, but stay continuously involved."
go-to-market  new  customer  acquisition  product  marketing  impact  success  hand-off  leadershift  mql  strategy 
2 days ago by jonerp
SMARTBELLS AS emisjonskampanje | Folkeinvest
Jeg heier på denne gjengen! #folkeinvest #invester via @
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6 days ago by zyron
I had fun doing an interview with Voyage Phoenix about my business and the work that I am doing! 💫
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9 days ago by jerrythepunkrat
Publications | Free Full-Text | The Economic Impacts of Open Science: A Rapid Evidence Assessment | HTML
A common motivation for increasing open access to research findings and data is the potential to create economic benefits—but evidence is patchy and diverse. This study systematically reviewed the evidence on what kinds of economic impacts (positive and negative) open science can have, how these comes about, and how benefits could be maximized. Use of open science outputs often leaves no obvious trace, so most evidence of impacts is based on interviews, surveys, inference based on ex...
openaccess  economics  impact 
9 days ago by marlened
Data that warms: Waste heat, infrastructural convergence and the computation traffic commodity - Julia Velkova, 2016
This article explores the ways in which data centre operators are currently reconfiguring the systems of energy and heat supply in European capitals, replacing conventional forms of heating with data-driven heat production, and becoming important energy suppliers. Taking as an empirical object the heat generated from server halls, the article traces the expanding phenomenon of ‘waste heat recycling’ and charts the ways in which data centre operators in Stockholm and Paris direct waste heat through metropolitan district heating systems and urban homes, and valorise it.
energy  ODM  declaration  research  environmental  impact  ethics  data  servers  technology  society 
10 days ago by juliantait
How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity
Upload your latest holiday photos to Facebook, and there’s a chance they’ll end up stored in Prineville, Oregon, a small town where the firm has built three giant data centres and is planning two more. Inside these vast factories, bigger than aircraft carriers, tens of thousands of circuit boards are racked row upon row, stretching down windowless halls so long that staff ride through the corridors on scooters.
energy  ODM  declaration  research  environmental  impact  ethics  data  servers  technology  society 
10 days ago by juliantait
talking about the basics of modern privacy concepts. One aspect he'll evaluate, is the on the (digit…
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