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Time to rethink sports doping - Sport LIVE
They argued that the banned substance methylhexaneamine was a contaminant in a supplement they took with the assurance of the manufacturer that it would be clean and legal. They were rightly exonerated because they had shown that every reasonable action had been taken to prevent inadvertent doping. On other occasions, reduced sentences of three- or six-month bans, rather than the typical two years, have been handed down.
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july 2013 by asterisk2a
how to avoid ads in gmail
The downside is: your sig will scare people. Or get your phones tapped
inadvertent  google  search 
july 2009 by mikelynch
Catch a cheater :-)
A long list of inadvertently mildly hilarious ways to catch a cheating spouse
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september 2006 by dandv

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