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The public school by my house is flying the flag. What an awesome gesture and display of .…
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yesterday by tolkien
#inclusion "I'd blush if I could": gli assistenti vocali e la subordinazione delle donne
Una ricerca dell'agenzia dell'Onu sostiene che le risposte spesso remissive e civettuole offerte dagli assistenti virtuali persino alle molestie verbali degli utenti rafforzano l'idea che le donne abbiano un ruolo subordinato.
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2 days ago by mgpf
RT : . has recognized our need for focused attention in the areas of , , and…
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5 days ago by walecain
It's important to listen when it comes to understanding about & people's needs. Don't assume you already…
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5 days ago by mgifford
This is a very clever and engaging way of explaining inclusive design.
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6 days ago by mgifford
I'll be there - this'll be one of the key conversations at for those of us who care about and…
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6 days ago by ninaksimon

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