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Pivotal Ventures | A Melinda Gates Company
Pivotal Ventures is an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates.
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21 days ago by pgorrindo
Nadia Eghbal | The tyranny of ideas
How do creators preserve optionality? How do they maintain separation between themselves and their ideas, and avoid being consumed by demand?
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may 2019 by Walpole
The Pink Ceiling
The Pink Ceiling is led by women on a mission. We have a track record of breaking through and we want to help you do the same.
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may 2019 by pgorrindo
[no title]
This seems to be true of human cultures also. When there is enough separation, not necessarily geographical, between cultures to allow them differentiation and variety, with enough exchange between them to allow mutual enrichment and new combinations, the human civilization seems to progress most efficiently.
march 2019 by Walpole
macy conferences
Mead’s own work, summarized in her Continuities in Cultural Evolution (1964), looked to the effects of small-group
dynamics on the emergence of ideas; she theorized that an
“emergent cluster” could be the catalyst for revolutionary
new paradigms
incubate  cybernetics 
march 2019 by Walpole
Established in 2009, LAUNCH is a network-centred innovation platform founded on the belief that the problems of today are too big to be solved by any one organization alone. Our unique approach is to convene and curate networks of individuals and organizations to forge pathways for change together.

LAUNCH was founded by NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State and NIKE, Inc., who joined together to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges.
usaid  statedept  nasa  globalhealth  innovation  lab  incubate 
october 2016 by pgorrindo

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