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Google ends its free Wi-Fi program Station • TechCrunch
Manish Singh:
<p>Caesar Sengupta, VP of Payments and Next Billion Users at Google, said the program, launched in 2015, helped millions of users surf the internet — a first for many — and not worry about the amount of data they consumed. But as mobile data prices got cheaper in many markets, including India, Google Station was no longer as necessary, he said. The company plans to discontinue the program this year.

Additionally, it had become difficult for Google to find a sustainable business model to scale the program, the company said, which in recent years expanded Station to Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, Philippines, Brazil and Vietnam. The company launched the program in South Africa just three months ago.

Over the years, Google also explored ways to monetize the Google Station program. The company, for instance, began showing an ad when a user signed in to connect to its internet service.

In an interview early last year, Gulzar Azad, who spearheads connectivity efforts for Google in India, told me that the company was thinking about ways to scale Station to more markets, but noted that as far as deployment at Indian railway stations was concerned, Google had reached its goal (to serve 400 railway stations).</p>

Must have cost a pretty penny, but achieved what it wanted: force others to push mobile data.
google  wifi  india 
3 hours ago by charlesarthur
for as implemented by Vijaya Bhanu Kote in A structured process of int…
Children  Primary  India  School  Heutagogy  from twitter_favs
6 hours ago by freerange_inc
Honda Logo GIF by Namaste Car - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF logo, cars, brand, japanese, auto, company, honda, chrome, suv, namaste car, vtec, crv, grille, honda logo, h logo, honda car india Giphy ______
logo  cars  brand  japanese  auto  company  honda  chrome  suv  namaste  car  vtec  crv  grille  h  india  wynajem  samochody  auta 
18 hours ago by architektura
Steering Honda GIF by Namaste Car - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF design, tech, cars, drive, luxury, machine, auto, looks, leather, honda, gear, interior, dashboard, namaste car, steering, crv, honda crv, ivtec, honda car india Giphy ______
design  tech  cars  drive  luxury  machine  auto  looks  leather  honda  gear  interior  dashboard  namaste  car  steering  crv  ivtec  india  wynajem  samochody  auta 
18 hours ago by architektura
Lohachara Island | feature 13
Lohachara Island ist die erste bewohnte Insel, die aufgrund des Klimawandels durch die globale Erderwärmung verschwunden ist.
2007  India  IPCC  UNFCCC  AtanuRaha  environgees  UweJHaack  UNEP  ClimateChange  Sundarbans  Lohachara  shortlist 
2 days ago by shortlist_cxc
India keeps lid on Kashmir's internet 6 months into lockdown
"Six months after India’s government stripped restive Kashmir of its semi-autonomy and enforced a total communications blackout, it is heralding the restoration of limited, slow-speed internet as a step toward normalcy. But for the Himalayan region’s 7 million people, the reality is far different. They are only allowed to access government-approved websites. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter remain blocked. And while users can access YouTube and Netflix, the internet service is too slow to stream video.

Some Kashmiris are evading censors by using virtual private networks, or VPNs, which are widely employed globally to access restricted websites, but Indian authorities are looking for ways to clamp down on those, too. 'Frankly, let’s call it what it is: It’s still an internet shutdown and a blanket censorship of the internet,' said Nikhil Pahwa, a New Delhi-based digital rights activist. 'Can you imagine this being done to Delhi?'" - Aijaz Hussain and Sheikh Saaliq, AP
otf  india  kashmir  shutdown  blackout  access  censorship  asia  southasia 
3 days ago by dmcdev
Chinese Design GIF by Namaste Car - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF design, white, cars, luxury, machine, auto, chinese, looks, suv, namaste car, haval, h6, l4, great wall motors, haval h6, haval india Giphy ______
design  white  cars  luxury  machine  auto  chinese  looks  suv  namaste  car  haval  h6  l4  great  wall  motors  india  wynajem  samochody  auta 
3 days ago by architektura
A Remote Tanzanian Village Logs Onto the Internet | WIRED
local cloud, providing articles and videos about agriculture, education, government, and healthcare free to users
WiFi  TVWS  Tanzania  Ghana  India  Rwanda  Mozambique  Bluetown 
3 days ago by creym

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