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scale is the enemy – Snakes and Ladders
Of course the indie web cannot scale. But that’s a feature, not a bug. Scale — as-big-as-possible, universal-not-local, something-for-everyone scale — is the enemy. It’s the biggest enemy that community and fellowship and friendship can possibly have. If it scales, I want no part of it. 
5 days ago by charliepark
中国独立 iOS 和 macOS 开发者图鉴,中国独立开发者项目列表。
Indie  独立开发者 
9 days ago by scopex
Millions of people uploaded photos to the Ever app. Then the company used them to develop facial recognition tools.
“Ever AI promises prospective military clients that it can ‘enhance surveillance capabilities’ and ‘identify and act on threats.’ It offers law enforcement the ability to identify faces in body-cam recordings or live video feeds.” Tweet by indie at May 09, 2019 at 03:43PM
indie  ai  artificialintelligence  facialrecognition  surveillancecapitalism  venturecapital  businessmodels  radar 
17 days ago by laurakalbag
The Changelog #240: Feedbin and RSS resurgence with Ben Ubois
> more or less I don’t think corporations have feelings, which is why I’m a big fan of indie software, because indie software is made by individuals, and individuals care about things and have feelings.
ben-ubois  rss  feedbin  podcasts  indie 
24 days ago by jasdev

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