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Pathways Project Breaks Down Barriers to Transportation for First Nations Community
"Through the purchase of a bus, members will be offered a way to commute daily between their community and the city of London. With the intention of creating a long-term transportation solution for the community, the learnings from the pilot initiative will be tracked and evaluated to ensure sustainability."
crhesi  radar  transportation  indigenous  first  nations 
17 hours ago by jamesshelley
Graphics IV: maps -
Through his maps and art, Sami artist Hans Ragnar Mathisen is making "a peaceful appropriation" of his people’s land, traditions and culture.

For a millennium, Sami have co-existed with Norwegians — and with the Vikings before them.

"After 1000 years, we still have our language and culture," Mathisen said. "It shows Sami are very strong, but not stupid, because if we were stupid, we would fight with weapons and lose."

To do this Mathisen has chosen to enrich Sami language and culture through his series of maps that depict the world, as seen by Sami eyes.
indigenous  mapping  cartography 
7 days ago by shannon_mattern
This may be one of the most under reported stories in right now
Canada  Power  Indigenous  RenewableEnergy  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by caravanstudios
Indigenous communities embracing clean energy, creating thousands of jobs - Politics - CBC News
An increasing number of Indigenous communities are becoming partners in renewable energy projects in Canada and creating thousands of jobs as they do it.
CBC  indigenous  Canada  cleanenergy  jobs 
9 days ago by northernpass | Our home on native land
overlay of indigenous tribal lands on North American map
canada  history  indigenous  ndn  language 
10 days ago by lmoon

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