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wonder if anyone has done the math on efficacy of storing solar energy in mass vs insulation & heating inputs w/ glass...
greenhouse  fruitwall  wall  esplanade  solar  passive  design  agriculture  indoor 
6 weeks ago by sstrudeau
Planting Healthier Indoor Air | Environmental Health Perspectives | Vol. 119, No. 10
Environmental Health Perspectives is an Open Access journal published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
airquality  indoor  voc  airfilter  houseplant  formaldehyde  mercury 
7 weeks ago by dbassendine
Youth – Elevation
Paige’s friend Nell from gym babies goes there. Loves it. Castle climbing thing with slides.
activity  paige  kids  eugene  indoor  rain 
7 weeks ago by outkast
More Info
The Plant Air Purifier® system removes formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds from the air, as well as dust, allergens, and pet dander. It is the cleanest greenest solution for pure, cleaner air.
houseplant  airfilter  airquality  indoor  gaseous  voc 
7 weeks ago by dbassendine
🎈 Public Lab: Build a plant-based air purifier

Domestic chemical ecologies have both many toxicant sources and many toxicant sinks....
airquality  indoor  gaseous  formaldehyde  airfilter  plants  snakeplant 
8 weeks ago by dbassendine
Plant Air Purifier
Wolverton Environmental Services offers leading-edge technologies in the use of phytoremediation for solving environmental pollution with emphasis in indoor air quality and wastewater treatment.
airquality  indoor  gaseous  airfilter  bioremediation  formaldehyde  voc 
8 weeks ago by dbassendine
Air purification: Dual filtration approach meets formaldehyde challenge - Filtration + Separation
Two catalytic technologies using different filtration media have been combined to help meet the problem of volatile organic compounds in indoor air environ
indoor  airquality  gaseous  formaldehyde  photocatalyticoxidation 
8 weeks ago by dbassendine
Do Air Purifiers Work? | Air Consulting Services LLC
One of the common responses many folks have when they are feeling sick is to fire up an air purifier. Clients ask, “When do air purifiers work and when not. Is
airquality  indoor  airfilter  activatedcarbon  photocatalyticoxidation  particulates  gaseous  ozone 
8 weeks ago by dbassendine

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