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'Elitist den of hate': Silicon Valley pastor decries hypocrisy of area's rich liberals | Technology | The Guardian
Gregory Stevens resigns after tweets about Palo Alto, slamming tech industry greed and empty social justice promises
articles  inequality 
14 hours ago by gmisra
Lack of legal aid puts asylum seekers' lives at risk, charity warns | Law | The Guardian
As a result, “legal aid deserts” have emerged in different parts of the country due to a 56% drop in the number of providers offering legal aid representation for immigration and asylum cases since 2005, the charity found.

There was an even greater reduction in the number of not-for-profit providers, with only 36% remaining in 2018 compared with the number in 2005.// &! - 'I feel safe now': how legal aid saved a gay man from deportation ‘Naveed’ fled persecution in Pakistan but his plea for UK asylum was initially rejected
UK  Austerity  legalaid  refugee  immigration  inequality  injustice  Justice  No  Representation  double  standard 
17 hours ago by asterisk2a
The Inequality Demagogues - Quillette
Inequality—of wealth and income—has risen within developed nations in recent years. This has precipitated the popular ascent of the inequality demagogues. These firebrands decry a society fractured by rapacious elites, who “rig” the economy to swindle the helpless masses.
economy  inequality  politics  redistribution  usa 
2 days ago by kogakure
Hidden City: will giving residents land rights transform a Buenos Aires slum? | Cities | The Guardian
On plans to give people in slums deeds to their homes, and other urbanization efforts in Argentina. Includes discussion of the White Elephant, a massive building planned as Latin America's largest hospital in the 1950s, but abandoned in the midst of construction after the coup against Perón.
cities  urban  housing  inequality  slums  argentina  latin_america  power_in_city 
3 days ago by johnmfrench
A Fight for Men’s Rights, in California Courts
it's a difficult area since there can be these strong, good, generalizable ethical principles (on both sides) that when applied in practice produce undesirable outcomes in many contexts; minefield of difficult judgments
sex  bias  prejudice  crime  inequality  law  business 
3 days ago by teffalump
Fast-Food Chains Back Away From Limits On Whom They Hire
This is one consequence of free-market with little regulation - these exploitative practices
money  business  regulation  law  inequality 
3 days ago by teffalump
Racism will not be solved by there being more mixed-race children | Nikesh Shukla | Life and style | The Guardian
“Beige Britain” won’t be the utopia we want. It’ll be the same country it always was, but with a significant demographic change. The whole “mixed-race kids ending racism” feeling is a nice thought that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t look at divisions in the country right now. It doesn’t interrogate problems we have. It doesn’t end inequality.
UK  USA  discrimination  Racism  post-racial  BAME  hate  speech  crime  inequality  social  poverty  trap  mobility  minority  meritocracy  meritocratic  Austerity  opportunity  education  policy  Gesellschaft  Xenophobia  prejudice  Stigma  Vorurteil  JAM  Theresa  May  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  segregation  Culture  Muslim  Islamophobia  mixed-race 
4 days ago by asterisk2a

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