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How Philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018) Spoke to an Age of Acceleration and Total War | Frieze
Modernity is war on ever increasing scales: expanding from the tactical to the strategic to the logistic. World War II was won not by generals but by quartermasters, by the ones who kept the biggest flows of boots and bullets and bodies moving toward the front.

Modernity is also war on more and more kinds of terrain. Warfare not only took to the air but to the airwaves. The modern world is a condition of generalized information warfare. Not only is architecture vulnerable to bombs, it proves defenseless against information, passing through the doors and walls of our homes, rearranging the space and time we imagine we live within.
war  information  philosophy  speech  theory  writing  nonfiction  wwii  terrorism  terror 
yesterday by allaboutgeorge
World Trade Organization (WTO) opens access to documents in iLibrary
WTO iLibrary is the online library of the World Trade Organization (WTO) featuring its publications, reports and periodicals.
WTO  Trade  commerce  Library  libraries  information 
yesterday by weitzenegger
How the index card cataloged the world
Carl Linnaeus, the father of biological taxonomy, also had a hand in inventing this tool for categorizing anything.
history  information  records 
2 days ago by terry
Lime Putty Plaster & Mortar, Natural Hydraulic Lime, Limewash, Claypaint Suppliers - Buy Online
High quality, traditional lime putty plasters and renders slaked on site. Online user guides and technical advice. Nationwide delivery for small or large quantities. Natural hydraulic limes, breathable paints, laths and all you need for the refurbishment of older properties.
building  conservation  painting  decorating  supplies  lime  plaster  aggregates  information  advice  limewash 
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Ramsgate Port Authority Hydrographic Surveys
Royal Harbour Marina Harbour Guide Useful information Get in touch Useful contacts About Royal Ramsgate Marina Berth map Navigation Marina Services Historic…
sailing  marine  harbour  hydrography  survey  navigation  maps  charts  information  advice  ramsgate  kent 
4 days ago by asaltydog
London Reconnections - Covering transport topics in and around London
Friday Reads – 14 September 2018 Welcome to Reconnections’ Friday Reads: • London’s Rail and Tube Services map in Beck style (Inat) • Why don’t people give up…
travel  transport  underground  railway  news  information  comments 
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