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OTPs Explained
How Yubikey's one-time passwords ("yubicodes", as I call them) work
computers  crypto  security  infosec 
17 hours ago by pozorvlak
InfoSec Wheel : SecurityRedTeam
A subreddit for Red Teamers. Discussion around ethical hacking, penetration testing, CTFs, vulnerability assessment, red team operations, bug...
3 days ago by aliksd
RT : I get by with a little help from my friend. (In the community)

Help me test…
forensics  Security  infosec  DFIR  from twitter
6 days ago by johnnysmart
Winnti: Attacking the Heart of the German Industry
For a number of years now, a group of professional hackers has been busy spying on businesses all over the world: Winnti. Believed to be controlled by China. For the first time, research by German public broadcasters BR and NDR are shedding light on how the hackers work and how much havoc they wreak.
hacking  winnti  security  privacy  espionage  spy  china  germany  infosec 
6 days ago by hersh.verthun
RT : Advanced notice:

I (me personally) will be looking for 1-2 people to formally mentor in in 2020.

infosec  from twitter
7 days ago by tonyandrewmeyer

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