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FastCharts is the public version of the Financial Times’ in-house solution for making charts, uh, fast. Load some data. Get the chart fast. FastCharts. Kachow.
charts  tools  chart  csv  infoviz  flowingdata  visualization 
6 days ago by RBarnard
Fitts’s Law | Laws of UX
“A collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces.” Easily applicable to visualization for an audience.
ux  visualization  viz  infoviz 
20 days ago by RBarnard - Flow map visualization tool
This app can render a geographic flow map visualization from a spreadsheet published on Google Sheets.

It can be used to visualize numbers of movements of people or goods between pairs of geographic locations (Origin-Destination data).
mapping  maps  sankey  visualization  infoviz  gis 
20 days ago by RBarnard
Data Structures, Summaries, and Visualisations for Missing Data • naniar
naniar provides principled, tidy ways to summarise, visualise, and manipulate missing data with minimal deviations from the workflows in ggplot2 and tidy data. It does this by providing:

Shadow matrices, a tidy data structure for missing data:
bind_shadow() and nabular()
Shorthand summaries for missing data:
n_miss() and n_complete()
pct_miss()and pct_complete()
Numerical summaries of missing data in variables and cases:
miss_var_summary() and miss_var_table()
miss_case_summary(), miss_case_table()
Visualisation for missing data:
r  imputation  missingdata  data  infoviz  datascience  science 
20 days ago by RBarnard
An Intro to regl for Data Visualization - Jim Vallandingham
regl is a technology meant to simplify building awesome things with WebGL. Recently, Mikola Lysenko, one of the creators of regl, gave a great talk at OpenVis Conf that got me wanting to spend more time with WebGL and regl in particular - to see how it could be applied to my data visualization work.

With this tutorial, I hope to share my brief learnings on this wonderfully mystical technology and remove some of that magic.
infoviz  webgl  3d  howto  tutorial 
5 weeks ago by rybesh
bbc/bbplot: R package that helps create and export ggplot2 charts in the style used by the BBC News data team
"R package that helps create and export ggplot2 charts in the style used by the BBC News data team"
infoviz  open-source  free  library  r 
6 weeks ago by ssn

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