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Topping off the tank | Seth's Blog
we trade autonomy for convenience - but not too much autonomy

it's like the brownie mix
insight  psychology 
6 days ago by braziljosh
1. 写博士论文时一定要跟一位世界级的大师
2. 任何在知识上有成就的人,喜欢在有上佳大学的附近工作 - 物以类聚,人以类聚,知识也类聚
insight  research 
12 days ago by muyun_
What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)? — by Roosh V
I'm honestly kind of surprised that an essay by Roosh V could be this accurate. The sexism that runs through much of his writing is there, but minimally, & he totally nails the analysis.
sjw  censorship  essay  politics  insight 
13 days ago by SirPavlova
The Martian sky as seen from the lander.
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15 days ago by icco
RT : Peinlich: NASA-Sonde nicht auf Mars, sondern auf Acker in Brandenburg gelandet
NASA  NASAInSight  InSight  from twitter
19 days ago by tmmd
Amazing map of previous Mars probes. The name isn't great but it's better than the last few packages they…
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19 days ago by cshier

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