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on how you win a debate against people who willfully disregard facts and reason, by You Can't Tip a Buick
On different models of legitimate authority, on rules of the game versus regime versus actors, and on how/why organizing is more important than debate.

"If I have a political project in my participation in these threads, it's in observing the ways that people presume that political disputes are resolved through debate and reason, and then observing how in all of those cases those disputes are instead resolved through organization and action.....
This is the distinction between left and liberal: liberal solutions involve funding fair processes — about trying to patch up the sandbox so we can go back to pretending reason rules — while left solutions are about acknowledging that the sandbox is impossible and (governed by our collective senses of fairness, justice, reason, empathy, and love) making those solutions real in the world.
This is a hard grim thing, though, because if you're coming from the liberal position you can pretend there's a rock-solid foundation for your actions. You can say "well, we have a process, and that process allows for decision making based on reasoned debate, and we followed that process and here's the result it yielded, so we know we have good reason to do what we're doing." If you admit that that foundation, which seems rock-solid, is built on sand, you have *no way whatsoever* to be certain that what you're doing is right...."
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Daily Overview
"As the team behind the Daily Overview write, the term overview effect refers to the "sensation astronauts have when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth as a whole." The Daily Overview offers overview photographs that show our world in a number of new ways." (10/20/2017 Internet Scout Report)
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