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Instagram uses 'I will rape you' post as Facebook ad in latest algorithm mishap • The Guardian
Sam Levin:
<p>Instagram used a user’s image which included the text “I will rape you before I kill you, you filthy whore!” to advertise its service on Facebook, the latest example of social media algorithms boosting offensive content.

Guardian reporter Olivia Solon recently discovered that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, made an advertisement out of <a href="">a photo she had posted of a violent threat she received in an email</a>, which said “Olivia, you fucking bitch!!!!!!!” and “I Will Rape You”.

Instagram selected the screenshot, which she posted nearly a year ago, to advertise the photo-sharing platform to Solon’s sister this week, with the message, “See Olivia Solon’s photo and posts from friends on Instagram”.</p>

Yeeaah. You can see what happened. It got loads of "engagement" - as in, people responding. So that means it must be good, right? Unfortunate for IG that it did it now, and did it with a Guardian reporter.
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5 hours ago by charlesarthur
Can't beat the buttery colour and fine grain of Huon Pine #huonpine #cheeseboard #australianmade
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Comment les community managers utilisent les réseaux sociaux en 2017 - Blog du Modérateur
Les réseaux sociaux les plus utilisés par les marques sont Facebook, Twitter et Instagram. Facebook domine largement ses concurrents, puisque le réseau social est (très/plutôt) important pour 95% des community managers. Twitter est second (74%). Instagram prend la troisième place du podium avec 60%. Le top 5 est complété par LinkedIn (55%) et YouTube (48%). Les deux plateformes ont de l’importance pour de nombreux community managers.
Ensuite, un gap se creuse clairement. Pinterest se hisse à la sixième place du classement : seulement 16% des community managers attribuent de l’importance au « catalogue d’idées ». Nous avons parlé de Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube et Pinterest. Mais nous n’avons pas parlé de Snapchat. Et pour cause : pour le moment, l’application n’intéresse pas vraiment les community managers. Seuls 11% d’entre eux attribuent de l’importance à Snapchat. Triste comparaison : Google+ obtient les mêmes résultats. Seul Viadéo fait pire, à 7%.
CommunityManagers  enquête  réseaux-sociaux  usages  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram 
10 hours ago by sentinelle
JUST LISTED! 😎 Charming Mediterranean Oasis, set in the prime location of the Venetian Islands. This Zen inspired home features two spacious Master Suites in a split floor plan, and a separate studio. To schedule a private tour contact the Bill and Bryan Team at 305.791.2349 or visit
11 hours ago by JonulaMiamiBeachRealEstate
Volkswagen enlists Instagram for virtual scavenger hunt | Mobile Marketer
Volkswagen of America is running a campaign for its 2018 Tiguan that features a virtual scavenger hunt on Instagram, Facebook’s image-sharing application with 700 million users, Adweek reported. The “Rule the Road” game, which stars the inflatable gorilla from TV ads for the car, gives Instagram users a daily clue to help find a Tiguan hidden in a bustling city. The clues are available each day at 1 p.m. EDT on the @VWRuleTheRoadInstagram page.

Contestants need to look through Instagram Carousel tiles, then take a screenshot of the right car and submit it for a chance to win prizes including a 10-day trip to Miami, New York or San Francisco. The tiles form a detailed city map with animated and live-action content. The scavenger hunt runs for three weeks through the first week of October.
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12 hours ago by dancall
5 Strategies That Will Really Grow Your Audience by
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RT : Meet the bodega cats of : the feline campaigners protecting local corner shops ✊🏼 via
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14 hours ago by ormg
Islamic State backers find ephemeral platform in Instagram
Lori Hinnant:
<p>Researchers say Islamic State supporters have found an ephemeral platform to share propaganda: Using Instagram’s “stories” feature, which causes posts to disappear in 24 hours.

With successive military defeats in Iraq and Syria, many of its recruits dead or on the run and its Twitter and Facebook accounts being shut down, the group’s propaganda drive is increasingly homemade. But a recent analysis found the networks of people inspired by the group remain strong elsewhere.

The software analysis identified more than 50,000 accounts linked to Islamic State supporters posting Instagram stories, according to Andrea Stroppa, who is part of the software research group called Ghost Data. Of those 50,000, just over 10,000 are described as strongly-linked to IS — they follow core IS accounts and are followed back, and about 30% of their posted content is about the group.

“They send a message that they know will disappear but they know who the audience is. They are using these stories because they know it is a safe channel to share information,” said Stroppa, who is also affiliated with the World Economic Forum.

There is no sign that the majority of the posts are from Islamic State’s central propaganda units — rather, they tend to be personal snapshots with little production value, like a clip of the IS trademark black flag, or a bloody photo showing what happens to “traitors.”</p>

50,000 is still quite a lot, given that those actually fighting will be one-tenth of that or less.
isis  instagram 
16 hours ago by charlesarthur
Golden sunrise over Melbourne, Australia. Amazing! _ Flying in a hot air balloon with @globalballooningaustralia. There's no wind in the balloon as it floats with the wind currents, making the ride perfectly serene and silent. _ Even from 1km above the ground I picked up a strong signal on my new 4G @tepwireless hotspot so I could share the experience live on IG Stories.
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20 hours ago by travelwithbender
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