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Kinder-Influencer: Zwischen Kindheit und Kommerz | - Fernsehen - Sendungen A-Z - ZAPP
Der bestverdienende YouTuber 2019 hat laut "Forbes" geschätzte 26 Millionen Dollar eingenommen und heißt Ryan Kaji - er ist 8 Jahre alt. Seine Karriere begann er bzw. dessen Eltern mit 3 Jahren; sogenannte Boxopening-Videos zeigten ihn dabei, wie er begeistert Spielzeug auspackte und ausprobierte. Und er ist damit nicht allein: Millionen Kinder und Teenager weltweit präsentieren sich inzwischen im Netz, ob aus Spaß oder mit dem Ziel, selbst Influencer zu werden. Sie schminken sich, zocken Spiele, öffnen Spielzeug, zeigen ihren Alltag.
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2 days ago by thot
DownloadGram - Instagram photo, video and IGTV downloader online
Instagram photo, video, and IGTV downloader - Free, online, and one-click download.
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2 days ago by oldtowneast
(It looks like this works with Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Meetup, and others.)

“Fetches and converts data between social networks, HTML and JSON with microformats2, ActivityStreams 1 and 2, Atom, RSS, JSON Feed, and more.”

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2 days ago by handcoding
As Instagram tests IGTV ads, it will need to get influencers on board
Last week Instagram confirmed that it had made an internal prototype of an Instagram Partner Program that would allow creators to make money from ads shown on their IGTV videos. Details about the program are scant, however. A Facebook spokesperson said, “We continue to explore ways to help creators monetize with IGTV. We don’t have more details to share now, but we will as they develop further.”
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2 days ago by motiveunknown
Instagram prototypes “Latest Posts” feature
Instagram users who miss the reverse chronological feed might get a new way to see the most recent pics and videos from who they follow. Instagram has been spotted internally prototyping a “Latest Posts” feature. It appears as a pop-up over the main feed and brings users to a special area showing the newest content from their network.
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2 days ago by motiveunknown
Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere - The New York Times
Memers involved with Meme 2020 include: @MyTherapistSays, @WhitePeopleHumor, @TheFunnyIntrovert, @KaleSalad, @Sonny5ideUp, @Tank.Sinatra, @ShitheadSteve, @adam.the.creator, @moistbudda, @MrsDowJones, @TrashCanPaul, @cohmedy, @NeatDad, @FourTwenty, @GolfersDoingThings, @DrGrayFang, @MiddleClassFancy and @DoYouEvenLift. Together, the collective has an audience of more than 60 million followers.
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2 days ago by dancall
Instagram overtakes Facebook in audience of top 50 brands, study says | Mobile Marketer
Instagram has overtaken parent company Facebook's social network among top 50 brand profiles and audience size, per a quarterly report by Socialbakers that was shared with Mobile Marketer. The research also found that brand engagement on Instagram and Facebook dropped during the holiday season, possibly indicating that brands didn't understand what kinds of content were appealing to consumers.
Ad spend on Instagram Stories, the app's feature for disappearing posts, rose 40% from a year earlier to reach 10% of Instagram's total ad spend at the end of Q4. Spending on Facebook Stories also grew, but to just 0.4% of total spend on the social network. Facebook's core News Feed still led with about 58% of total ad spend, per Socialbakers.
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2 days ago by dancall
View from Japan: How brands can make the most of Tokyo 2020 on social - We Are Social
Fast forward to Rugby World Cup in 2019. This time people were also focused on sharing ‘moments’ - whether that was with their friends while watching games together, at the stadium, or at the pub, or in their homes. The reason? The rise of Instagram. On that visual-centric platform, people wanted to share the big moments when they were having fun with others, rather than only sharing their feelings and thoughts in texts.

This is an important evolution in Japan, and recognition of this can be built into Olympic communications plans for brands. People aren’t just focused on the on-track or field action, they are using social media to facilitate their personal interactions as well.
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2 days ago by dancall
has become a staple in many B2B social media programs.

See how to do it better with thes…
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3 days ago by pamneely

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