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Insurance Office of America
Semi-compelling ads regarding people-first approach, supported but the obvious lack of investment in fancy production values.
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8 hours ago by jameson
Is Embedded Insurance the killer app for mobile banking? | Innopay
This model has suited the financial industry for many decades and is now slowly moving towards banking apps. INNOPAY has analysed these mobile insurance offerings and models across the banking sector, showing that Neobanks and incumbent leaders are embracing Embedded Insurance models.
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2 days ago by herewardshaw
HDI - Motorradversicherung
Erlaubt es beliebige chinesische Elektroller zu versichern...
Motorradversicherung auswählen
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4 days ago by spaetz
Obamacare’s Unpopularity Suggests Medicare For All May Be A Hard Sell | FiveThirtyEight
The first and second Democratic debates have made one thing clear: A number of major policy reforms are on the table, including sweeping proposals on health care and climate change. And many of these ideas appear popular among the majority of Americans. A July Marist poll found that 63 percent of Americans said a plan like the “Green New Deal,” which would address climate change by investing heavily in environmentally friendly jobs and infrastructure, was a good idea; similarly, 70 percent said they supported “Medicare for all who want it,” which would give Americans a choice between government-sponsored health insurance and private insurance.
But beneath those top-line numbers are red flags about just how much the popularity of these reforms depends on how they are written and enacted. That same Marist poll found, for instance, that most Americans do not think “Medicare for All” is a good idea if it means replacing all private health insurance with the government version. This is important to keep in mind as public opinion toward a complex policy can be dictated by the plan’s least-popular element.
Let’s take the Affordable Care Act as an example. Just before Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009, 51 percent of Americans in an Associated Press poll said “implementing a national health care plan” was a top priority. And early in Obama’s presidency, the majority of Americans surveyed in a 2009 CNN poll approved of the job he was doing on health care. But once the law passed in 2010, it was generally rated unfavorably until President Trump took office and the prospect that the law would be scrapped became real.
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5 days ago by rgl7194
Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?
Life insurance is a good idea when you have a lot of financial obligations – i.e. kids, a mortgage, and other debt. (But not able to self-fund your own insurance, e.g. really rich.)
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6 days ago by JohnDrake

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