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Blendo | ETL Data Integration & Data Pipeline Tool
Blendo is a self-serve data integration platform that allows you to collect & sync data sources with any data warehouse making it easy to collect & manage data.
etl  elt  data  analytics  pipelines  integration 
yesterday by ijy - Workflow Automation
Free self hostable workflow automation tool / zapier alternative
automation  development  tools  workflow  free  opensource  api  integration  selfhosted 
5 days ago by scotu
Breaking Down Silos in your Business
"Breaking up your enterprise wide deployed integration hub into right sized containers provides improved agility, scalability, and resilience. Agility, because many teams can work on integrations without having to defer to a centralised integration team. Scalability, because individual flows can be scaled on their own. Resilience, because isolated flows cannot steal shared resources such as CPU from one to another."
cloud  integration  agile  development  thinking  api  economy  app  modernisation  breaking  down  silos  microservices  multicloud 
6 days ago by jonerp
Retool – The fast way to build internal tools.
Build custom internal tools in minutes. Build an interface via our drag-and-drop UI, hook it up to your data, and you're done.
rad  internaluse  tool  database  api  access  integration 
7 days ago by gilberto5757
AWS Step Functions adds support for dynamic parallelism in workflows
AWS Step Functions now supports dynamic parallelism. Step Functions lets you orchestrate multiple AWS services in fully-managed workflows. Now, you can build dynamically parallel fanout and scatter-gather patterns in minutes with less code.
lambda  aws  parallel  step-functions  integration  patterns  amazon  workflow  news 
7 days ago by oscar-lopez
Bidirectional Access to Google Sheets Data from FileMaker Pro
Use the MySQL Remoting feature of the JDBC driver to integrate Google Sheets data in Filemaker Pro for Mac or Windows.
filemaker  google  gsuite  sheets  data  database  integration  webdev  appdev 
9 days ago by jeremiahmoore
GitHub - dschmenk/apple2pi: Apple II client/server for Raspberry Pi
Apple II client/server for Raspberry Pi. Contribute to dschmenk/apple2pi development by creating an account on GitHub.
raspberrypi  integration  appleii  retro  modern  project  hack 
9 days ago by gilberto5757
Zenaton - Powerful Orchestration Engine for Developers
Code Control Flows
Within Your Apps.

Build event-driven processes in days instead of months.

A Powerful Orchestration Engine
for Developers.

Define the sequence of steps within a workflow using our functions and the Zenaton Engine distributes the execution of jobs onto your workers at the right time.
mobile  API  automation  integration  polyglot  node.js  workflow  BPM 
12 days ago by liqweed
Democrats to launch new voter database with Dean at the helm
WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is declaring a major victory ahead of the 2020 presidential election, with the help of one of his most well-known predecessors. Howard Dean, the one-time presidential candidate, former Vermont governor and ex-DNC chairman, is set to head a new data exchange operation that Democrats hope puts them back on par with Republicans in the never-ending race to use voter data to drive Americans to the polls.
DNC  democratic  party  database  integration  privacy  confidentiality 
12 days ago by mifepba
SCIENCE!: - the power of of a noisy signal over time...
Integration  from twitter_favs
14 days ago by shawnpresser

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