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Happy 50th bday ! The Intel 8080 from 1974 had 6K transistors; today’s microprocessors have 2.6 billion:…
Intel  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by briantrice
Happy 50th bday ! The Intel 8080 from 1974 had 6K transistors; today’s microprocessors have 2.6 billion:…
Intel  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by maluta
TomF's Tech Blog - It's only pretending to be a wiki.
“Every month or so, someone will ask me what happened to Larrabee and why it failed so badly. And I then try to explain to them that not only didn't it fail, it was a pretty huge success. And they are understandably very puzzled by this, because in the public consciousness Larrabee was like the Itanic and the SPU rolled into one, wasn't it? Well, not quite. So rather than explain it in person a whole bunch more times, I thought I should write it down.”
intel  c86  larrabee  gpu  mic  gpgpu  knights 
3 days ago by danhon
Matt Pharr
“My book on rendering, Physically Based Rendering, is widely used in university courses and by graphics researchers and developers. Greg Humphreys, Pat Hanrahan, and I were awarded an Academy Award in recognition of the book's impact on CGI in movies—never before has a book received an Academy Award. The third edition of the book was released in Fall of 2016.”
google  pixar  nvidia  daydream  intel  mattpharr  rendering  pbrt  moana  rebdering 
3 days ago by danhon
Day Numbers for 2018
Useful for working out approx how much you have in the terramundi;)
moneymoneymoney  intel  useful  dates 
4 days ago by beckymonster
Intel says 5G plans for iPhone are unchanged
The updated report explains that Sunny Peak was not in fact a 5G modem, and did not — as initially claimed — combine 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on one chip. Rather, the unannounced component is only a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip and was expected to include support for 802.11ad WiGig Wi-Fi
5g  intel  chips  apple  ovum 
9 days ago by yorksranter
Intel’s Toxic Culture – Monday Note

When the iPhone exploded onto the scene in 2007, Intel defended its position by clinging its party line: The company’s well-known manufacturing superiority will triumph. The inherent disadvantages of the x86 architecture — power consumption, unnecessary complexity, no SoC integration, will be overcome and Intel will race to the front of the mobile pack.
Just as old Cultures can no longer “see” their origins, Intel pushed under its consciousness the true source of the x86’s superiority: The margins it commanded through the Windows monopoly. Better manufacturing technology became Intel’s “conscious” explanation, but the truth was that in the PC era, non-Windows microprocessors simply couldn’t compete and had to settle for lower prices. The worst part of the Culture dictate is that Intel believed its own story, at least until it stopped working as interlopers such as TSMC came up with competitive technology.
business  intel  culture  history  arm  mobile 
10 days ago by jefframnani
Intel Intrinsics Guide
interactive lookup of x86 / x86-64 intrinsics. Y'know, for those microscopic amount of situations you'd actually use them.
intel  x86  x86-64  assembly  reference 
10 days ago by mechazoidal

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