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expert Shapiro scored a point against lead counsel Bob van Nest. Asked about how quickly ente…
Intel  FTC  Qualcomm  from twitter_favs
7 hours ago by edelagrave
GitHub - intel/rtos-drv-intel-s1000
"MCU/RTOS driver for Sue Creek speech and audio processor. This driver implements the APIs to applications and the underlying control mechanisms for managing audio capture, playback, wakeword notification, etc."
The Sue Creek S1000 processor, from Intel, with on-chip speech recognition. Part of the Quark family.
(Not sure what that means tho, is it a trained NN on the chip, or just a lot of fancy vector instructions?)
repo:github  intel  programming  speech-recognition  privacy  surveillance 
7 hours ago by mechazoidal
expert Shapiro says 's exclusive deal with created a situation in which (while the deal…
Intel  FTC  Qualcomm  Apple  from twitter_favs
8 hours ago by edelagrave
Intel's GPU-Less Chips Aren't Cheaper
Why would Intel choose to charge the same price for what is effectively a less-capable chip? My guess is, Intel decided to take advantage of the current chip shortage after realizing in a lot of cases the GPU-less processors may be the only ones available to purchase, so they can get away with charging the same price for them.
intel  cpu  graphics  business 
yesterday by jasonsamuels
Intel Announces Six 9th-Gen Core CPUs, Gives Ice Lake Sneak Peek
The first 10nm Intel processors based on the company's recently revealed Sunny Cove architecture, Ice Lake promises 2x performance, along with support for Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6 and DL Boost. Intel hasn't yet announced pricing, but Ice Lake chips are scheduled to be on store shelves this holiday season.

Along with Ice Lake, Intel announced that it would be expanding its desktop offerings with six new 9th Gen CPUs ranging from Core i3 to Core i9. Those will ship later this month.
intel  cpu 
7 days ago by jasonsamuels
The Mobile Network » Intel targets 40% mobile base station chipset share by 2022
Navin Shanoy, Exec VP and GM, Data Centre Group, Intel, said that the a new 10nm process chipset currently code named Snow Ridge, “is going to bring Intel architecture into a new place where it has never been before, the wireless base station market”. That would drive Intel’s market presence from “0%” just a few years ago to over 40% in 2022.
intel  mec  chips  5g  ovum 
7 days ago by yorksranter
Intel Optane SSD/IMDT Microbenchmark
That sorta optimal 4:1 Optane:RAM size ratio is interesting
Intel  Optane  IMDT  LMDB  high  performance  SSD  in-memory  database 
8 days ago by asteroza

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