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NFB/Interactive - Bear 71
[an interactive film about grizzly bears from the National Film Board of Canada]

"It's hard to say where the wild world ends and the wild one begins."

"The forest has its own language."

"If you look backward from any single point in time, everything seems to lead up to that moment."

"They'll have to learn *not* to do what comes naturally, and I wonder. Maybe the lesson is too hard."
deschooling  unschooling  parenting  flash  video  film  2012  tracking  visualization  classideas  storytelling  interactivenarratives  nationalfilmboardofcanada  nfb  bear71  bears  nature  animals  documentary  interactive  cyoa  interactivefiction  if  nfbc 
february 2012 by robertogreco
Digital Heritage
"Digital Heritage is one such effort to collect, store and share data on architectural sites and stimulate research in visualization, computer vision, graphics and related fields. This is now part of a broader initiative known as “The India Digital Heritage Project”, a collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology and various academic and industry research organizations."
graphics  india  interactive  photosynth  storytelling  interactivenarratives 
august 2009 by drewvigal
Enter the Story: Les Miserables - The world biggest adventure game? - Digital Tools - Homebrew, Computer Art, Tools and Game Design.
"The project "Enter the Story" wants to transform epic literature into a huge gaming world. The decent goal is to create the biggest adventure game, that was ever written, with stories and timelines, that bridge each other with places and characters intersecting. Where you can walk seamless from story to story and from time to time. To get into the "Enter the Story"-project, he began to create his first game "Les Miserables". He used the Aventure Game Studio to implement the "Les Miserables" book from Victor Hugo. So far so good. And this is where we are now."
4interactivenarratives  games  interactivenarratives  storytelling 
january 2009 by drewvigal
Where to find the best in Flash journalism :: 10,000 Words :: multimedia, online journalism news and reviews
"The multimedia stories on Interactive Narratives are all fascinating combinations of audio, video or photos, but some of the best, like Mexico Under Siege, use Flash to take interactive storytelling to a whole new level." - Props to Interactive Narratives,
multimedia  newmedia  journalism  inspiration  interactivenarratives  interactives 
december 2008 by drewvigal

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