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Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies
A guy breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of current filesystems and how tagging based systems may be better.

I had the same thoughts regarding how tag based filesystems are more useful, but this guy takes it to the next level on breaking down the problem and proposing a coherent solution.
database  design  interesting 
yesterday by yoofie
All pages with prefix 'outline-of'
I've always found these outline articles really useful, so this page is super cool.
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yesterday by seanclynch
Snappykit - new way of creating website for mobile app
Генератор лэендингов для мобильных приложений
website  app  development  marketing  pr  interesting 
yesterday by gregoryvit
Visually Mapping Gopherspace in 2018
Awesome visualization of the Gopher Protocol (alternative to HTTP) in real space.
linklist  interesting  internet  maps  networking  coolasshit 
yesterday by seanclynch

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