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Back Doors for Cross-Signed Drivers
Une analyse de Geoff Chappell sur la manière de charger des drivers cross-signed (non signés par Microsoft WHDL mais par une autorité trustée par MS) sous windows 10.
windows  internals  driver  code-signing 
12 days ago by lucasg
Since it’s inception Node.js has depended on the V8 JavaScript engine to provide code execution in the language we all know and love. The V8 JavaScript engine is a JavaScript VM written by Google for the Chrome browser. From the beginning, a primary goal of V8 was to make JavaScript fast, or at least — faster than the competition. For a highly dynamic, loosely typed language this is no easy feat. This piece is about the evolution of V8 and JS engines performance.
2017  javascript  performance  article  blogpost  node.js  internals  tech  example  links  comparison  oldversion 
14 days ago by ezequiel
jeremycole/innodb_ruby: A parser for InnoDB file formats, in Ruby
The purpose for this library and tools is to expose some otherwise hidden internals of InnoDB. This code is not intended for critical production usage. It is definitely buggy, and it may be dangerous. Neither its internal APIs or its output are considered stable and are subject to change at any time.
JeremyCole  InnoDB  Tutorial  internals  2016  github  innodb_ruby  Ruby  ThingsToReadWhenYouHaveAMoment 
22 days ago by dlb
Fixing the Netflix Volume Slider | Boris' Blog
IntroA while ago, I joked around with my friend about something we like to call ‘frustration driven development’, which seems to be the most effective method in certain situations. Sometimes the level
mutation  mutationobserver  react  hacking  internals  volume 
4 weeks ago by jimthedev

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