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Kiwix: Read Wikipedia offline
In many places internet can be slow, unreliable or even censored. Kiwix is an offline solution that allows you to access educational content like Wikipedia, the Wiktionary, TED talks and many others on any computer or smartphone - without the need for a live internet connection.
Utilities  Internet  wikipedia 
1 hour ago by zeest
Community IT
"For nonprofits without in-house IT staff, Community IT serves as the partner for technology guidance and ongoing support. For nonprofits with an in-house IT team, we supplement their capacity and expertise."
computer  web  Internet  nonprofit  work 
16 hours ago by kmo
“The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging | Ars Technica
After giving the script to a handful of friends, Fitzpatrick realized that every update he made meant that he’d have to hand it out all over again, so he let his friends piggyback off his server for ease of use. When Fitzpatrick soon went to college at the University of Washington, the script spread with him. He eventually got his entire floor of his dorm posting, along with friends in different states. The service grew organically from there.
internet  growth 
16 hours ago by cmananian
Change as a discipline – how Accumold excels at data-driven manufacturing with IQMS
"Transformation is perceived as a huge project that pushes against cultural norms. But for micro molding pioneer Accumold, change has always been a constant. Here's how they've harnessed data to fuel their growth - and how they were in on IoT before the buzzword existed."
digital  enterprise  in  the  real  world  transformation  -  frictionless  internet  of  things  use  cases  manufacturing 
16 hours ago by jonerp
I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible.
Reporter Kashmir Hill spent six weeks blocking Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple from getting her money, data, and attention, using a custom-built VPN. Here’s what happened.
internet  commerce  capitalism 
19 hours ago by matthewmcvickar
Schnelles Internet per Satellit -
Internet per Satellit ist überall verfügbar. satinternet stellt Ihnen schnelles Breitband Internet per Satellit zur Verfügung, egal wo Sie wohnen. Business Tarife mit einer Downloadgschwindigkeit von bis zu 30.000 kbps (30 mbps).
internet  provider  satellite 
19 hours ago by Basti2k
BGP in 2018 — The BGP Table | APNIC Blog
"While a number of providers have made significant progress in public IPv6 deployments for their respective customer base, the majority of the Internet user base is still exclusively using IPv4 for the moment.

Despite this uncertainty, nothing in this routing data indicates any serious cause for alarm in the current trends of growth in the routing system. There is no evidence of the imminent collapse of BGP.

None of the BGP metrics indicate that we are seeing such an explosive level of growth in the routing system that it will fundamentally alter the viability of the BGP routing table anytime soon."
repot  statistics  bgp  networking  internet  ipv4  2019 
20 hours ago by mechazoidal

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