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The lunacy of search term CTAs in TV ads
Additionally, it is very difficult to dominate page one of the search results for those generic terms. Taking the Mini Original commercial shown above, the search query they told viewers to search for online was ‘New Original’. When conducting this search on Google, the first page of results are no where near dominated by Mini. As you can see from the screenshot below, seven of the listings are nothing to do with the car.
advertising  television  internet 
3 hours ago by terry
Reddit holds the secret to fixing Facebook
South by Southwest Interactive is a festival that used to have a reputation as the place to create a buzz for a new social network or product.
reddit  culture  articles  internet  socialmedia 
4 hours ago by mikael
The Guardian view on free speech online: let law decide the limits | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
The standards by which the internet is controlled need to be open and subject to impartial judiciaries – not left to advertisers
Internet  Regulation 
9 hours ago by djhdcj

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