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Laura Snapes: Pop star, producer or pariah? The conflicted brilliance of Grimes (The Guardian)
Boucher has recently seemed at a loss to regain control over her career, and naive about her role in its dissolution. But Miss Anthropocene reveals an astute understanding – evidently well honed – of humanity’s worst impulses and how to appeal to them.


Against all odds, Miss Anthropocene is a beautiful and emotionally complex album: Boucher’s continuing personal testament to creativity as resistance against destruction, and an unlikely optimistic gesture that still believes art can be a powerful force for social good. It also finally finds Boucher reconciled to her relationship with the public. On Miss Anthropocene, she is a mirror, inviting us to examine the source of our bad faith.
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Poolside FM
Another A E S T H E T I C vaporwave-y site with great vibes and that home-cooked, human feeling.
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'Eugenics is possible' is not the same as 'eugenics is good' - UnHerd
But I think the decoupling thing makes me understand a bit more why Dawkins’s tweet got people so angry. Sometimes the ritual fails, and the spirits break through the warding circle.
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