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Ganbaru Internship — Japanese Cultural Community Center of Washington Seattle
Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Able to handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.

Cross-cultural, intergenerational or community volunteering experience.

Strong interpersonal and collaborative group work skills.

Keen interest in learning about Japanese and Japanese American history and culture.

Knowledge of or experience with Japanese cultural arts.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Video & Creative Services Intern_Fall Intern 2019 INT
Strong creative thinking
• Familiarity with Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.).
• Interest in Japanese culture
• Familiarity with Japanese language is a plus
• Knowledge of social media (YouTube, Facebook, twitter, etc.)
• Attention to detail
• Strong artistic/design background
• Familiarity with video equipment a plus
7 weeks ago by karebear
Game Art Internship | Sulake | LinkedIn
Good sense of shape, colour, composition and animation
Decent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
Experience with creating game-assets and -interfaces
Ability to empathize
Affinity with games
Being a team player
Bonus Things To Have
Knowledge of 3D Studio Max/Maya, Spine2D, After Effects or Flash/Animate
Experience in a similar position
A good sense of humour ;-)
7 weeks ago by karebear
Art Intern job in Santa Monica, California, United States of America | Other jobs at Activision
Sledgehammer Games (Foster City, CA)
Raven Software (Middleton, WI)
 Vicarious Visions (Albany, NY)

Concept Art Intern: Collaborate with our concept team to produce quality design work, idea thumbnails and sketches, model sheets, and production paintings.  
• Strong communication and teamwork skills.
• Demonstrated a strong art and design foundation with your portfolio.
• Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and other illustration software. 3d experience is a plus.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Careers – Heavy Iron Studios
Art intern candidates must be proficient in Maya, Photoshop, and have experience with game editors. Candidates must possess a good sense of light, color, value, form and composition, traditional art skills are a plus. We expect our interns to be reliable, self-sufficient, and contribute at a high level.
7 weeks ago by karebear
(SIX-MONTH) Intern Concept Artist – Stormhaven Studios, LLC
roven ability creating traditional 2D art and you know when to work quick to generate conceptual ideas and when to slow down and polish an image for public consumption.
You understand shape design, silhouette, and structure as well as color and composition and you aren’t afraid to experiment with 3D when it helps get the job done.
Exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy and you know how to stylize them to create compelling and memorable characters with emotions and feelings.
You love to collaborate.
You love games, movies, animation, and you love dissecting them and exploring ways to take them to the next level.
You have a passion for games and understand the unique approach to creating art for our game universes.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Become a Worker - Worker Studio Animation
Worker Studio is a world-class animation studio nestled in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Centennial, Colorado. Well, it's not always in shadow, in fact, we typically get a whole lot of sun...but you get the point - we have pretty mountains to look at. We're a small studio, but we dream and build big, by fostering a culture that encourages productive fun and endless creative possibilities. If you like hats, and by that we mean, wearing more than one of them at a time, you may just have what it takes to be one of us.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Character and/or environmental designs in a range of styles and archetypes, all with specific and clear personality, storytelling, and appeal 
Work that demonstrates a wide range of techniques, from classical to stylized with strong sense of composition, color theory, and narrative (preferably with characters interacting in the environments) 
Life drawings and sketches a plus 
7 weeks ago by karebear
Internship - Park-wide Theme Paint - Universal Creative (Spring 2020) | Universal Orlando Resort | LinkedIn
Must be proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Knowledge of graphic design software (Photoshop, Illustrator) is required
Knowledge of REVIT, AutoCAD, SketchUp, InDesign, and/or MAYA are a plus
Strong interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities and organization.
A vested interest in art, and/or color theory
Excellent written & verbal communication skills.
Work in a fast-paced environment and adhere to deadlines.
Ability to work autonomously and/or in teams.
Consistent attendance.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Illustration Art Intern | Riot Games | LinkedIn
As part of the Illustration team, you’ll put stylus to Cintiq and create splash art that represents the essence of a champion to millions of players. You will use your artistic eye and keen understanding of dynamic lighting, form, and color to tell concise and evocative stories. By closely collaborating with a team of dedicated illustrators, concept artists, writers, animators and game developers, you will help define and illustrate each champion’s unique place in our universe.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Internship - Concept Development & Visualization (Spring 2020) | Universal Orlando Resort | LinkedIn
Proficient in several visual Adobe programs, primarily Photoshop. Intermediate to proficient knowledge using Sketch Up or other 3D mock-up software. Extensive traditional fine art skills, and significant experience using perspective and composition skills to artistically render an image. Must show the ability to design architectural scenes including, but not limited to interior, exterior, and organic environments. Must have knowledge of, and be able to produce, several different artistic styles including, but not limited to: animated, realistic, sci-fi, fantasy, etc., as well as having adaptability to on-model stylization.
7 weeks ago by karebear
Early Careers | DreamWorks
Art, Modeling, Surfacing, Rigging, Previsualization / Layout, Animation, Character Effects, Effects, Lighting, Production Management Visual Development and Story
SUBMIT Resume, cover letter and if applicable reel, website, or, digital portfolio Resume, ree
7 weeks ago by karebear
Visual Development Intern - TAIKO
Report to the Art Director for assignments, tasks and progress with artwork
Create concept artwork for projects in development at the company, including for marketing, events or social media
Execute updates to your artwork in response to feedback and review notes that are received
Participate in development and staff meetings to remain current on project needs
Collaborate with other artists as needed
​Ensure all deadlines are met and promptly communicate the need for more time or materials to meet deadlines ​
7 weeks ago by karebear
New positions in my team. The internship will start in January, last 4 months, and take place at o…
internship  IBM  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago by leonsp
Ever wondered what an with the is like?

If you’re an studying a subject…
miltary  stem  undergraduate  internship  from twitter_favs
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