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KBpedia - Open-source Integrated Knowledge Structure
With this release of version 1.60, we are pleased to announce the open-source availability of KBpedia — its upper ontology (KKO), full knowledge graph, mappings to major leading knowledge bases, and logical concept groupings according to 70 largely disjoint typologies. via Pocket
Pocket  data  health  interop  matcher  wgw 
5 weeks ago by traggett
Flowchart for choosing the right Clojure type definition form
Clojure offers a number of different forms that define types (and generate Java classes). Choosing between deftype, defrecord, reify, proxy, and gen-class can be a tripping point for those new to Clojure.
clojure  deftype  defrecord  reify  proxy  gen-class  interop  type 
10 weeks ago by drmeme
The new open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models
ai  format  deep  deeplearning  description  file  framework  interop  learning  libraries 
june 2018 by tranqy

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