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How Dare You Represent Your People That Way: The Oral History of Better Luck Tomorrow
"Almost two decades ago, Justin Lin had the same aspirations when he, along with Ernesto Foronda and Julie Asato, completed a script for a movie titled Better Luck Tomorrow. It was a story about a bunch of Asian-American high-school kids searching for their own identity. The straight and narrow path of earning good grades and getting into an Ivy League School is juxtaposed against a descent into a life of drugs and petty crimes, before ultimately escalating to murder."
"With his financing deadline approaching, Lin, who met MC Hammer at a trade show three years earlier and had exchanged numbers after a conversation over their shared interest in digital cameras, decided to give him a call. The next day, the money was wired to Lin. "
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Studio Trigger Staff Reminisce About Gainax and Look Ahead to Co-Productions - Director Yoh Yoshinari and producers Masahiko Otsuka and Naoko Tsutsumi’s Otakon 2018 press conference
"And I think from now on we’re going to have to keep up production to be able to stay around for 20 or 30 years like a big place like Gainax. So I want to be involved in works that will help our longevity and be big hits like the ones Gainax was able to produce."

"Although [the staff of Turning Girls] quit and she’s not around anymore, we really like the result of that approach, of bringing someone in who has fresh ideas, so we’re not going to cross that off of the list of possibilities in the future."
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Explorers Guide to Juilan of Norwich
Interview on Spirit Catholic Radio Network
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