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Ottessa Moshfegh | My Year of Rest and Relaxation
still obsessed with ottessa moshfegh and am here for the roasting of lena dunham in the youtube comments because I am a bad person and should have more empathy
ottessa_moshfegh  writer  interview  youtube 
12 hours ago by skwak
Data Structures for Coding Interviews: Computer Science in Plain English | Interview Cake
Finally, a dead-simple explanation of CS data structures (linked lists, hash maps, etc.). No CS degree necessary. No proofs, and no confusing academic jargon.
interview  data-structures 
13 hours ago by gzfrancisco
Isaac Chotiner, "A Political Economist on the End of the Age of Objectivity"
"One of the things that I’m trying to argue in the book is that we have become, in that sense, more reliant on feelings as we’ve moved more into this real-time, more combative style of public sphere.

Partly, what I’m talking about is that the acceleration of both capitalism and our media sphere means that we are in some ways navigating impressions all the time."
NewYorker  truth  enlightenment  emotions  interview 
2 days ago by briansholis
Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism. - Vox
Author Malcolm Harris on why millennials need a revolution.
capitalism  millennials  nonsense  interview  books  advertorial 
2 days ago by po

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