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xkcd: 10 Questions with Randall Munroe |
Some of the xkcd comics aren’t just funny and interesting; they’re very moving. They deal with deep themes like time and death. Do you think of xkcd as art?
art  interview  xkcd 
22 hours ago by jchris
Tony Blair: ‘The whole country has been pulled into this Tory psychodrama over Europe’ | Politics | The Guardian
““I’ve given up predicting politics. I used to be really good at it, and then I was not so good at it, and now I think it’s probably inherently unpredictable. So where do you camp in those circumstances? You camp on the ground you believe in.””
Tony_Blair  Guardian  Brexit  2017  interview 
2 days ago by Preoccupations
♫ Episode #83 – Daniel Spreadbury on Music Notation Software | The Next Track
We welcome Daniel Spreadbury to discuss the software that composers use to put their notes onto virtual paper.
This week’s guest:
Daniel Spreadbury, Dorico
Show notes:
ARM processor
An original score of a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach
A score by William Byrd
German organ tablature
French-style lute tablature
Bach’s unfinished fugue
Real book
A shakuhachi score
Our next tracks:
Kirk: Stan Richardson: Shakuhachi Meditation Music
Doug: 10cc: Sheet Music
music  podcast  next_track  software  interview 
2 days ago by rgl7194

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