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Training Methods of Listening-Based Journalistic Questioning: Journalism Practice: Vol 0, No 0
The study introduces the pedagogy of listening-based questioning training (LBJQ) for journalism students and journalists. The approach provides basic training and is somewhat different from the usual interview training as LBJQ focuses on training in basic skills: listening and reflective responding skills, as well as the ability to use different types of questions efficiently. The aim of the exercises is to help the journalist to get the most precise information possible from people with various social skills and styles. The article explains theoretical approaches and provides sample exercises for trainers and journalists.
Interviewing  Research  pedagogy 
yesterday by paulbradshaw
10x Management Use These Top Reference Checking Tips Before You Hire
While time consuming, the applicant's reference check is one of the most important parts of hiring. At 10x Management given the frequency and rigor with which we check references of new freelance tech talent, we can offer a few tips.
business  interviewing 
yesterday by jmay
How to interview your interviewers – freeCodeCamp
For the last few semesters, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of guest-lecturing MIT’s required technical communication class for computer science majors. My lecture focuses pretty heavily on two of the…
interview  interviewing  career  job 
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