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Tester Interviews: Techniques and Tasks | Cassandra HL
This post is inspired by a recent discussion on the The Club at Ministry of Testing.

Edit: It has also been translated into Russian on Software-Testing.RU.

I’m a software tester with a past life in the IT recruitment industry. I’m also a serial interviewee. Immediately before starting my current position at MaibornWolff, I attended interviews with five companies before choosing the right opportunity for me. In the previous five years, I’ve interviewed with a further five to ten, as well as conducting my own interviews as a recruiter and advising companies on how to conduct theirs.

The above post on The Club has inspired me to write about the different techniques that have been used during the interviews I attended this year, and the kind of tasks I was set. I’ll also include some methods I’ve heard about being used, and briefly give my opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hopefully this helps you to think about how you interview testers in your organisation, and perhaps inspires you to try some of the techniques described.

Please note that I won’t describe any technical coding tasks, as I don’t have enough personal experience of these to comment on their effectiveness.



Straightforward Questioning

Behavioural / Competency-based Questioning

Knowledge Questions

Industry and Community Awareness


At Home vs. On Site

Critical Thinking Games

Testing Requirements

Three Amigos

10 Minute Test Plan

Testing Example Software

Testing “Real” Software


My Recommendations and a Pinch of Salt
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