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National Association of Music Merchants Inc. (US) Library
The heart of the collection is the depth of its narrative that covers innovative creations, the evolution of musical instruments, the ever changing world of music retail, as well as our collective quest to improve music education around the globe. Oral History participants have come from 46 different countries, 49 U.S. states and were born between 1903 and 1988.
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9 hours ago by derishus
An Exploration of the Complexity of Journalistic Interviewing Competencies: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 15
Journalists have engaged in interviewing practices since the nineteenth century to collect information for news stories. Today, it is considered the dominant approach in news-gathering among journalists. We know very little, however, about the theoretical breadth of interviewing and the associated competencies construct that journalists should possess to be classified as an expert interviewer. Consequently, the first appropriate step toward specification of this particular news-gathering practice is qualitative research. In the present study, we explored the breadth of journalistic interviewing competencies through 20 semi-structured interviews with journalists and journalism educators. The present study revealed 10 possible journalistic interviewing competencies: listening, interaction management, research, empathy, articulation, self-presentation, verification, news judgment, observation, and open-mindedness, based on editor and educator responses. The results demonstrate the complexity of interviewing in journalistic settings and suggest a need for greater empirical and educational focus on the art of interviewing.
Research  interviews  empathy 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
Gmail Creator and YC Partner Paul Buchheit on Joining Google, How to Become a Great Engineer and Happiness - Triplebyte Blog
It's an interview about engineering from Paul Buchheit who joined google out of college and then was asked to make GMail at like 24.
interviews  engineering 
2 days ago by tealteal
Steven Yeun Is Lighting Up the Screen
The thing that worked me, and helped me understand what was going on in my own body, was just I have to stop depending on others to confirm my worth. I'm here. I exist. And I don't need someone else to validate that for me. It's really on me. It's my choice whether I continue to thrive or not. That's really the mission statement: How do you get better every day and take a second to listen?

Kindness breeds safety and safety breeds confidence.

My favorite verse is Romans 12:2 and he says, "Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test God's good and perfect will.”

I remember being taught that in youth group as: “Only do Christian things, don't do secular things, and then you will be fine.” But that couldn't be further from what that text actually says. That's such a bummer to me that that's how I was brought up. But it's cool to find it now, to realize that it's all just about, don't conform. Just do the thing that you were put on this earth to do.
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2 days ago by yolandaenoch
Chris Favorite Interview Question
• Stack rank
• Important competencies
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2 days ago by devin
Bengt Alsterlind 12/8
Värmländskan är som norska, vi har en uppåtgående satsmelodi. Vi låter gladare än vad vi är. Sen är ju humorn viktig i Värmland. Vi har väldigt lätt att komma i kontakt med göteborgare medan det är svårare med skåningar. De har ett helt annat känslomässigt språk och är svåra att kommunicera med.
quotes  värmland  swedish  sweden  articles  celebrity  interviews 
3 days ago by mikael
The Quietus | News | Pete Paphides Launches New Podcast
Long Player, set to feature in-depth interviews and anecdotes, will start with episode featuring Jimmy Webb next week
Podcasts  PetePaphides  TheQuietus  Interviews  Music  MusicNews  Media  JimmyWebb 
5 days ago by dk33per
Nubya Garcia interview: Pop has set roles but for me each gig is different | London Evening Standard
I catch Nubya Garcia, just, at lunchtime in her favourite café in New Cross. The in-demand saxophonist, flautist, composer and band leader is so all over the place (in a good way) that she’s carrying shopping bags full of house plants, a belated attempt to make homely the flat she’s rarely in.
NubyaGarcia  Saxophonist  Music  MusicFeatures  Interviews  JazzMusic  LondonEveningStandard  NewCross 
5 days ago by dk33per

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