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Decorators in Python: What you need to know
By learning how to write your own decorators, you can significantly improve readability of your own code. They can change how the function behaves, without needing to edit your program.
python  decorator  intro 
3 hours ago by gilberto5757
Kotlin extension function generation 🚀… – The Fabulous – Medium
Annotations is a lightweight component that can (but does not have to) be packed within your application. Compiler is a “heavier” component that should never be included in your app. Its goal is to…
kotlin  extensionmethod  function  generation  support  intro  howto 
23 hours ago by gilberto5757
jbelien's diary | Why use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps ? | OpenStreetMap
When Google Maps started more than 10 years ago, everything was completely free to use. These last few months that has changed drastically.
The first decision made by Google was to limit the free number of requests per day. It didn't really impact the small users that were still under the limit but some big players decided to switch to other solution like OpenStreetMap (for instance Foursquare and Pinterest).
OpenStreetMap  Intro  2018  blog  JonathanBeliën 
yesterday by dlb
Introducing Elliptic Curves – Math ∩ Programming
With all the recent revelations of government spying and backdoors into cryptographic standards, I am starting to disagree with the argument that you should never roll your own cryptography. Of course there are massive pitfalls and very few people actually need home-brewed cryptography, but history has made it clear that blindly accepting the word of…
elliptic  curve  cryptography  ecc  intro  theory 
5 days ago by gilberto5757
Demystifying the init system (PID 1) | Felipe Contreras
With all the talk about debian choosing a default init system (link, link), I've decided to share with the world a little project I've been working on to help me understand /sbin/init aka. PID 1. In this blog post I will go step by step showing what an init system must do to be functional.…
init  process  unix  intro  pid1 
5 days ago by gilberto5757

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