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MySQL: size of your tables – tricks and tips – lefred's blog: tribulations of a MySQL Evangelist
Many of you already know how to retrieve the size of your dataset, schemas and tables in MySQL.
Now we have sys_schema formatting function sys.format_bytes...
MySQL  MySQL8.0  Tips&Tricks  Intro  Tutorial  SQL  LeFred  2018  sys_schema 
2 days ago by dlb
Authenticating MySQL 8.0 (Enterprise) against active directory | Official Pythian® Blog
Using the PAM pluggable authentication plugin to use Active Directory as an authentication source... from CentOS 7...
MySQL  MySQL8.0  ActiveDirectory  Authentication  LDAP  blog  Intro  Tutorial  Linux  2018  MatthiasCrauwels  Pythian  MySQLEnterprise 
2 days ago by dlb
JSON_TABLE – The Best of Both Worlds | MySQL Server Blog
One of the new JSON functions in MySQL 8.0 is JSON_TABLE. It is also MySQL’s first table function. That is, the return value is not a scalar value, but a result set. JSON_TABLE will convert (part of) a JSON document into a relational table. In this blog post, I will show you how to do this and discuss how JSON_TABLE enables new ways of processing JSON data with SQL.
OysteinGrovlen  MySQL  MySQL8.0  json  JSON_TABLE  Tutorial  Intro  blog  2018 
3 days ago by dlb
See the data flowing through your app (André Staltz) - Full Stack Fest 2016 - YouTube
See the data flowing through your app (André Staltz) - Full Stack Fest 2016 What if instead of building your own mental model of how data flows through your application, you could actually see the data flowing in real-time? In this talk we will explore functional and reactive streams as a building block in JavaScript applications, with tools like RxJS, Cycle.js, xstream, wh
favorites-from-pocket  conf-talk  dx  insight  intro  reactive 
4 days ago by hoodwink73
Understanding Specter: Clojure's missing piece - YouTube
Screencasts and presentations about programming with Clojure.
~45min  video  clojure  lib  functional  awesome  screencast  intro 
7 days ago by emak
What is Microsoft’s Intune – and how well does the UEM tool really work? | Computerworld
Microsoft's unified endpoint management offering, Intune, has the potential to reduce time and effort managing desktop and mobile work environments. But it's not without its own set of problems, according to users.
intune  mdm  intro  review  microsoft  mobile  device  management 
7 days ago by gilberto5757
What is Kubernetes? Optimise your hosting costs and efficiency ♦︎ learnk8s
In the last few years, the industry has experienced a shift towards developing smaller and more focused applications. Smaller services are excellent from a product and development perspective: they are quicker to deploy, easier to iterate on and can handle failure gracefully. But how does that cultural shift impact the infrastructure? The current practices don't fit the paradigm well, and you might end up paying the extra price in your cloud bill at the end of the month.
kubernetes  intro  tutorial 
9 days ago by gilberto5757
What makes ReasonML so great? – LogRocket
ReasonML is a syntax extension for the OCaml language created by Facebook. Rather than creating an entirely new language, the creators of Reason chose to build on top of OCaml, a battle-tested…
reasonml  intro  programming  langyuage  ocaml 
9 days ago by gilberto5757
Using Managed Service Accounts with SQL Server
In this tip we look at how to use Managed Service Accounts for SQL Server service accounts.
windows  security  service  account  intro  activedirectory 
13 days ago by gilberto5757
std::optional: How, when, and why | Visual C++ Team Blog
C++17 adds several new “vocabulary types” – types intended to be used in the interfaces between components from different sources – to the standard library. MSVC has been shipping implementations of std::optional, std::any, and std::variant since the Visual Studio 2017 release, but we haven’t provided any guidelines on how and when these vocabulary types should be used. This article on std::optional is the first of a series that will examine each of the vocabulary types in turn.
CaseyCarter  C++17  C++  Guidelines  Intro  Tutorial  std::optional  Microsoft  msvc 
14 days ago by dlb
Awesome MySQL Shell Prompt
A month ago, I wrote a blog on how you can configure the MySQL Shell prompt to suit your needs. One thing I did not go into details with are the prompt templates prompt_256pl.json and prompt_256pl+aw.json. Common for both of these templates is that they require custom fonts to work.
JesperWisborgKrogh  MySQLShell  fonts  Intro  Tutorial  Linux  MySQL 
15 days ago by dlb

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