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Mine Safety Disclosures
Collection of buyside investor letters; solid reading list and 13f screening tool

A quirky requirement that came out of Dodd-Frank is that ALL publicly traded companies are required to make a disclosure about mine safety, regardless of whether or not they even have mines. So if you look at Visa's 10-K, or Google's, or Chipotle's, they all have a line item for mine safety disclosures.
10 hours ago by samhuleatt
How to Find a Growth Stock
Identifying businesses built for growth is easy once you know where to look.
21 hours ago by adamvig
Do You Need to Join the Endowment Club? - Fiduciary Wealth Partners
“Only extraordinary circumstances justify deviation from a simple strategy…”
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yesterday by ramitsethi
What the E*Trade Deal Tells You About the New Investing Game - WSJ
Morgan Stanley, E*Trade and Schwab all own banks to which they route much of their customers’ cash. E*Trade pays its customers 0.01% to 0.25% on their uninvested cash; Morgan Stanley, 0.03% to 0.2%; Schwab, 0.06% to 0.3%.

Brokerages have been pocketing 2% and up on that money (and you can do almost as well, if you pull the cash from your brokerage account and park it in a certificate of deposit or savings account at the right online bank).

Schwab, which has hoovered up $220 billion in bank deposits, earned 61% of its total net revenues in 2019 from the interest it captured on those balanc
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yesterday by ramitsethi
Why is B.C. home to more mining exploration companies than anywhere else on earth? | The Narwhal
"“First, there is a long history of mining in Canada, and particularly in British Columbia,” she says. “There is the relative ease of becoming a publicly-traded company.”

“And then there are the tax incentives.”"

"Deneault writes that the TSX gives juniors “more leeway than they have anywhere else to cultivate ambiguity” — because they are allowed to disclose both mine reserves and resources, the latter being a crude estimate of everything the deposit may contain. (Deneault did not respond to interview requests by press time.)"
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yesterday by pacpost
5-Minute Investor Update Template
Hot new product on Product Hunt: 5-Minute Investor Update Template — Improve your investor updates
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2 days ago by Soc201
What the “Rule of 40” Means at the Early Stage - Costanoa Ventures - Medium
Rule of 40 is overly simplistic and is a very hard target to meet, much less to beat.

Both public and private markets value revenue growth and profitability, but they aren’t the whole story. Revenue growth is valued higher than EBITDA margin since it compounds in a way that profitability doesn’t. This is especially true in private companies and in bull markets. There are other factors that affect company value such as perception of Total Available Market, strategic, technical & data moats, and quality of leadership. Good investors will value your understanding of unit economics, your ability to analyze your business and explain trade offs, and your ability to be profitable in the future — even if you aren’t now.
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2 days ago by tobym
How would your FIRE plan change if stocks return nothing over the next decade? : financialindependence
Here are Vanguard's market outlooks going back to 2014.


Concerns are growing recession may be imminent. Slowdown led by US and China is most likely outcome. Long term outlook “guarded”.


Modest growth and low inflation here to stay but risks increasing. Elevated downside risks. Recommend staying the course.


Modest growth outlook. More challenging than previous 5 years.


Global growth will remain frustratingly fragile. US economy unlikely to accelerate but will maintain expansion. Most guarded since 2006.


Continued recovery supported by low interest rates. Volatility combined with resiliency.Below average returns over next 10 years, 3-5% real


Pickup in global growth, low risk of inflation. Expect below average global equity returns. Uneasy about signs of froth. Balanced portfolio returns expected below average, 3-5% real, but principles of portfolio construction remain unchanged.
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3 days ago by ramitsethi

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