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5 Ways To Start Investing With Little Money
Money under 30, ways to start investing with not a lot of money. Some good tidbits. Mutual Funds, Roboadvisor, Bonds,
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1 hour ago by mikeymurph77
xkcd: Technical Analysis
Powerpoint image slide for Technical Analysis talk
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17 hours ago by fallond
A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Comedians About the Business of Life – 25iq
“A fool and his money are soon partying.” Steven Wright. Good ideas for a powerpoint section breaks
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18 hours ago by fallond
Michael Larson Resource Page
‘The arrangement is simple: Mr. [Michael] Larson makes money, and Mr. Gates gives it away.’ — Wall Street Journal
yesterday by fogfish
Remember the subprime mortgage mess? $1.2 trillion in risky corporate debt is flashing similar warning signs
Another reason why fewer companies are using the IPO market to go public. They can get bank loans cheaply, on good terms, without trading ownership.

“Because the loan market got so attractive, we ended up seeing a lot more companies going to the loan market,” said Christina Padgett, head of leveraged finance research at ratings firm Moody’s Investors Service. “Companies can borrow a bunch of money relatively affordably, do what they want to do with relatively little constraints and still service their debt.”
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yesterday by jefframnani
Dropbox - 2018 Q4 - Simplify your life
Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
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yesterday by colindocherty
The Middles - All Star Charts -
My friend JC likes to say picking tops and bottoms is the most expensive job on Wall Street.

A lot of the media’s time and attention is spent discussing whether or not something is bottoming (housing, stocks, consumer confidence, ratings, etc) or topping (tech stocks, valuations, bond prices, sentiment).  It’s great conversation but not helpful.

Because most of the time things are not bottoming or topping.  They are middle-ing.  They are churning or they are trending.  Most of the time, there is no inflection point at hand – these are rare occurrences.  So to focus on them to such a great degree is probably a distraction and definitely a waste of time.  And energy and emotion.

Think about the middle.

This is the chart that I had been pounding the table about to our subscribers throughout both November and December. It represents the percentage of NYSE stocks above the 200 day moving average. The buy signal is not when the percentage falls below a certain level. It is well after it reverses and then gets back above that level that we want to be involved from the long side. My level is 15%. Some other smart people I know wait until it gets back above 20%
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yesterday by fallond
Doughbies’ cookie crumbles in a cautionary tale of venture scale | TechCrunch
Contains a good argument against taking on venture funding if the business is not meant to generate 10x, 100x returns!
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2 days ago by shadowsun7

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