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Modular framework, creating and using them
s a modular header.

A modular header is a header that is inc
swift  ios  objective-c  modules  modulemaps 
yesterday by dionidium
‎Audiobus: Mixer for music apps on the App Store
itunes comment: "Audiobus is a really a virtual mixer that allows you to route audio from a handful of audio apps to one mixer and/or to other apps. Output is limited, but it can be resolved with the purchase of a physical audio interface to connect directly to your iOS device. This, in turn, eliminates the need for the app in particular live performance settings."

there is plenty of higher-end ios software that uses this, though?
app  ios  midi  music 
yesterday by mechazoidal
iOS file-conversion apps fail to encrypt documents - 9to5Mac
Cybersecurity company Wandera found that some 23 iOS file-conversion apps used by three million people fail to use encryption, potentially putting ...
ios  infosec  security  privacy  software  disclosure  cloud 
yesterday by emory
The third-party app for // Gluon
A beautiful, lightweight and customisable cross platform app built for  app  client  android  ios 
yesterday by segfault
Apple Weighs Loosening Restrictions on Rival IPhone, Music Apps - Bloomberg
The technology giant is discussing whether to let users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple’s mobile devices, replacing the company’s Safari browser and Mail app, according to people familiar with the matter. Since launching the App Store in 2008, Apple hasn’t allowed users to replace pre-installed apps such as these with third-party services. That has made it difficult for some developers to compete, and has raised concerns from lawmakers probing potential antitrust violations in the technology industry.
mbw  ios  759 
yesterday by leolaporte

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