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Lightning to USB Camera Adapter - Apple
Lightning to USB Camera Adapter lets you import photos and videos from a digital camera to your iPad. Get fast, free shipping when you shop online.
dongles  fail  ipad  ios 
9 hours ago by po
A week of podcasting with only an iPad Pro - Six Colors
The title is misleading.
This is about using an ipad, specifically the most recent ipad pro with usb-C, instead of an 11" macbook air.
Because "only" seems to include:
Zoom H6 recorder
USB Microphone
USBPre2 DAC (also:$$$)
External SD/Wifi storage box to move Zoom H6 audio back to the ipad for editing.

That's basically ~$1000 more equipment than just the ipad.
Not trying to be pedantic, but this is barely about the ipad.
podcasting  ipad  apple  ios 
9 hours ago by po
Das iPad-Profil | Gymnasium Würselen
Angebot iPad-Klasse ab Jg 7
Vermittlung von Leasing-Geräten
intensive Fortbildungen der Lehrkräfte
Projekt erhielt den Innovationspreis 2017 „Digitale Bildung“ durch die Bundesbildungsministerin
digitalebildung  ipad  schulentwicklung 
yesterday by Cervus
Dead Apple Pencil | Page 2 | MacRumors Forums
Might help someone, somewhere.

"Good news, I actually fixed two apple pencils. They really need a big note on the box, that you must charge once a month or so or the internal battery will die and not charge. One I found where power was easily accessible and forced a charge bypassing the charging circuit then it started working and charging. The other had a bad ground connection on the - side of the battery and I was able to fix that. Now I just need to turn some really nice pencil shells on my lathe"
Apple  ApplePencil  repairs  iPad 
2 days ago by nodalpoint
His iPad Pro was bent. An Apple Genius found a sneaky way to get it replaced | ZDNet
"Partners and Apple Authorized Service Providers are graded and compensated according to metrics, including No Trouble Found. If the reported symptoms are not present and reproducible it will negatively impact the partner," said one with apparent insider knowledge // Apple's crushing of the channel is incredibly savage and they seem to have got away with it
apple  ipad  service  support  channel  ovum 
2 days ago by yorksranter
The convergence of the phone and laptop • AVC
Fred Wilson:
<p>The Gotham Gal [Wilson's wife, who also works in venture capital] wanted to get a new laptop. Her late 2015 Macbook has started to fade on her.

So yesterday we made a visit to the local Apple Store and checked out the options. We looked at the Macbooks, the Macbook Airs, and we also looked at the iPad Pros. We debated the choice and she ended up deciding to go for the iPad Pro. We work with a few people who have iPad Pros and love them. And she noticed how much I am using and enjoying my Pixel Slate.

One of the most interesting things about these hybrid tablet/laptop devices is that they run operating systems that are designed for the tablet or phone. They are touch devices like our phones vs mouse devices like our laptops.

A good example of this is how I do email on my Pixel Slate. I could run Gmail in the browser on my Pixel Slate. But I have found it much more pleasing to do email in the Gmail Android App on my Pixel Slate. I swipe emails away like I do on my phone. But I also have the keyboard when I want to write a long response. It is literally the best of both worlds.</p>

I think she's going to be happy with it, though I wonder what is actually meant by saying a 2015 machine "has started to fade". The comments on the piece are worth reading too: as many saying she'll go back to a laptop as saying the tablet is the way forward.
ipad  technology  work 
4 days ago by charlesarthur

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