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Can't use Apple USB keyboard with iPad 2... | MacRumors Forums
I'm typing this post on my iPad with said USB keyboard.... I had a nagging thought about what was said re. using a powered USB hub since I had a hunch that a keyboard wouldn't draw too much power for the iPad's I plugged my keyboard into a non-powered (passive) USB hub and low and behold it still works!! Bar a few 'nag' messages about how it shouldn't be working....
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20 hours ago by nicoladagostino
Apple may alter iPhone production and iOS to dodge China's patent ban
The $799 professional tablet initially benchmarks right between laptops priced at $2,099 to $2,799, a massive step forward for Apple's A12X processors.
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yesterday by pkrnjevic
222: Green Monday, Yellow Wednesday, Purple Thursday
Myke struggles to use Amazon's website, Stephen checks his heartbeat and Federico tinkers with keyboards for the iPad Pro. This episode of Connected is sponsored by: Luna Display: The only hardware solution that turns your iPad into a wireless display for your Mac.
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yesterday by siggiarni
Make the iPad more like the Mac – Medium
Radu Dutzan got Luna Display, which turns the iPad into a touchscreen for the Mac:
<p>On the macPad, things are radically different. You need to keep in mind that touches are immediately interpreted as clicks by Luna, so scrolling works only with two fingers, and tapping and dragging with one finger (aka swiping) is usually interpreted as a click-drag gesture that triggers selection on the Mac. That puts you on your toes, because swiping is a very natural gesture on touch devices—you don’t even think about it. But once you wrap your head around this, you see that tapping and dragging to select is actually a much more efficient interaction that whatever we’re doing today on iOS text fields, or in apps like Keynote for iOS. Seriously, what are we doing with text and object selection on the iPad? Whatever it is, it’s kinda awful, especially after trying out tap-and-drag selection on the macPad.

There are so many places where the iPad could benefit from some adaptation of tap-and-drag selection. It’s such a better model that imagining the interaction is worth the effort: there already is a heuristic somewhere on iOS that starts measuring for how long you’ve kept your finger still after starting a touch in order to decide whether to transition from a scrolling gesture to a drag. That same heuristic could be applied to iPad text fields and layout apps such as Keynote: after holding a touch still on a text field or on the canvas for a set amount of time, the gesture could become a selection drag, and moving your finger could begin selecting the text or objects encompassed by the net dragged distance.

What about the desktop? Well, what about it? The Mac has it because its fundamental organizational unit—its main metaphorical currency—is files, and since we keep files scattered around IRL, we have a digital equivalent on the Mac’s desktop. The iPad’s currency is apps, so if we have an iPad OS with windows, spaces, and Mission Control, and a classic icon-based app launcher on a separate modal layer, then what should be on the ‘base’ layer? Well, what about widgets and a set of user-defined or suggested shortcuts?</p>

Inch by inch, this stuff is getting figured out, it seems.
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
Capstone, a tablet for thinking
> This manuscript documents the project’s design decisions and what we learned from user testing. We encourage you to borrow these ideas — or use them as cautionary tales — in your own tablet app or desktop app development. The Capstone codebase is open-source and can be installed as a Chrome App on any Chrome OS device that includes a stylus.
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4 days ago by nsfmc
The best new iPad Pro and Mac crossover wasn't made by Apple — Quartz
Behold: a vision of a world where Apple listened to its customers.
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4 days ago by po
Bluebeam Webstore
Buy Bluebeam products: Bluebeam Revu Standard, CAD, eXtreme and Revu for Mac.
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4 days ago by boscage

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