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201708 - apenwarr
Networking history explained with
internet  ipv4  ipv6  networking  tutorial 
10 weeks ago by slyskawa
Interoperability between IPv6 and IPv4
"A common estimate of the length of time involved is 10 years - in terms of the history of the Internet, a very long time indeed, but probably a realistic figure in terms of the amount of installed IPv4 software and infrastructure, all of which will need to be replaced or upgraded."
ipv6  ipv4  documentation  internet  protocols  optimism 
10 weeks ago by brennen
201708 - apenwarr
I thought this would be agreat chance to really try to figure out what was going on. Why is IPv6 such a complicated mess compared to IPv4? Wouldn't it be better if it had just been IPv4 with more address bits? But it's not, oh boy, is it ever not. So I started asking around. Here's what I found.
internet  ipv6  ip  ipv4  quic  network  explainer 
10 weeks ago by bezthomas
Adding IPv6 connectivity support to the Dropbox desktop client | Dropbox Tech Blog
Given these trends, we recently took the initiative to add IPv6 support for the Dropbox desktop application. Version 24 of the Dropbox client, released April 17, 2017, supports IPv6-only and dual-stack networks.
dropbox  ipv6  ipv4  networking  crashes  2017 
11 weeks ago by handcoding

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