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The world in which IPv6 was a good design
Why is IPv6 such a complicated mess compared to IPv4? Wouldn't it be better if it had just been IPv4 with more address bits? But it's not, oh goodness, is it ever not. So I started asking around. Here's what I found.
ipv6  history  networking  internet  QUIC 
3 days ago by lidel
201708 - apenwarr
Networking history explained with
internet  ipv4  ipv6  networking  tutorial 
5 days ago by slyskawa
The world in which IPv6 was a good design | Avery Pennarun
The IETF people, when they were thinking about IPv6, saw this mess getting made […] and they said, hey wait a minute, stop right there. We don’t need any of this crap! What if instead the world worked like this? […] It would have been beautiful. Except for one problem: it never happened.
!  networking  history  ipv6  internet  recommended 
5 days ago by ap

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