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To understand how will facilitate a resurgence of , read this report
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21 hours ago by andriak
Women of ISIL: Life Inside the Caliphate | Iraq | Al Jazeera
Women who lived and worked under ISIL share their stories, revealing a regime both brutal and uncompromising.
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18 days ago by MarsLevin
New report highlights the legacy of ’s relentless campaign of terror and violence and victims’ calls for t…
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november 2018 by dalcrose
Facebook accused of introducing extremists to one another through 'suggested friends' feature • Daily Telegraph
Martin Evans:
<p>Researchers, who analysed the Facebook activities of a thousand Isil supporters in 96 countries, discovered users with radical Islamist sympathies were routinely introduced to one another through the popular 'suggested friends' feature.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Facebook is designed to connect people who share common interests.

The site automatically collects a vast amount of personal information about its users, which is then used to target advertisements and also direct people towards others on the network they might wish to connect with.

But without effective checks on what information is being shared, terrorists are able to exploit the site to contact and communicate with sympathisers and supporters.

The extent to which the ‘suggested friend’ feature is helping Isil members on Facebook is highlighted in a new study, the findings of which will be published later this month in an extensive report by <a href="">the Counter Extremism Project</a> a non profit that has called on tech companies to do more to remove known extremist and terrorist material online.

Gregory Waters, one of the authors of the report, described how he was bombarded by suggestions for pro-Isil friends, after making contact with one active extremist on the site.

Even more concerning was the response his fellow researcher, Robert Postings, got when he clicked on several non-extremist news pages about an Islamist uprising in the Philippines. Within hours he had been inundated with friend suggestions for dozens of extremists based in that region.</p>

That's the "suggested friends" algorithm working exactly as it's designed to. Unfortunately...
facebook  friends  isil 
may 2018 by charlesarthur
The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority – INCERTO – Medium
Society doesn’t evolve by consensus, voting, majority, committees, verbose meeting, academic conferences, and polling; only a few people suffice to disproportionately move the needle. All one needs is an asymmetric rule somewhere. And asymmetry is present in about everything.
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april 2018 by pozorvlak
Canadian elite special forces sniper makes record-breaking kill shot in Iraq - The Globe and Mail
Sources say the sniper killed an Islamic State insurgent from a distance of 3,540 metres in a feat one a military insider says may ‘never be equalled’
isil  canada  war  military  snipers  specialforces 
june 2017 by pozorvlak

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