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'Never seen anything like this': How Sydney's trains came to a grinding halt
The Premier is sorry but has ruled out refunds for the thousands of affected passengers.
IT  failure 
16 hours ago by lightningdb
The $1000 Genome - A Computational Perspective
I haven't written a lot of domain-specific posts, but some recent news in genomics got me thinking about how high-performance and data-inten...
work  ngs  it  storage  wgs 
23 hours ago by fiamh
Add It Up: Data Scientists, Not Developers, Lead Machine Learning Efforts
"Developers are not the kingmakers of the fastest growing area of technology — machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Although TensorFlow, Sckit-Learn and Spark MLLib are popular on GitHub, they are at their core libraries used by data scientists to build models that enable machine learning and types of artificial intelligence functionality."
analysis  research  top  stories  add  it  up  machine  learning 
2 days ago by jonerp
Oracle v Rimini Street – the saga continues with this round going to Oracle
"The case of Oracle v Rimini Street rolls on with the latest judgment in favor of Oracle but with further appeals likely."
it  service  management  professional  services  3pm 
3 days ago by jonerp
Clifford Chance launched IGNITE
Clifford Chance has launched IGNITE on August 1st, a new London-based training contract focused on Legal Tech.

The Magic Circle firm is the first in the legal sector to offer a training contract centered on Legal Tech.

The programme – which is currently accepting applications – is geared towards individuals with an aptitude for tech and interest in technology areas such as artificial intelligence, fintech and coding.

The new scheme will mirror the structure of a regular training contract but have a specific focus on Legal Tech. Trainees will be given time away from fee-earning to gain the necessary training, support and expertise in the field of Legal Tech. Upon qualification, trainees will have the opportunity to join one of the firm’s main practice areas which include finance, corporate, capital markets, litigation & dispute resolution, real estate and tax, pensions and employment incentives.

The launch of the programme comes at a time of increasing convergence between the legal and tech world. Michael Bates, regional managing partner said: “We know we must continually challenge ourselves to guide our clients through game-changing opportunities and risks, both now and into the future. Legal Tech is changing the face of our industry and we want to be at the forefront of that change. We’re committed to driving a culture that embraces digital thinking across each of our practice areas and we hope that these trainees will go on to make a significant change in their practice areas upon qualifying.”
it  firms  innovation 
3 days ago by JordanFurlong
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Subject: This year's potato harvest
Another fine Wisconsin festival I want to attend.
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3 days ago by stematt
B2B Buyers are changing; we are all publishers now – answering the top audience questions
"Recently I put my content strategy for the B2B buyer to the live test. The audience had some terrific questions. Here's a rundown of the event and the top questions asked - with links to audio."
content  marketing  digital  and  the  new  professional  it  as  a  service 
4 days ago by jonerp

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