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Who is Seiichi Miyake? Google Doodle honours Japanese inventor who created ‘tenji blocks’ | The Independent
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Who is Seiichi Miyake? Google Doodle honours Japanese inventor who created ‘tenji blocks’
Miyake developed tactile paving to help visually impaired pedestrians

Tom Parfitt @parf_tom
9 minutes ago

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The Independent
The work of pioneering Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake is being honoured by today’s Google Doodle. 

Miyake is best known for developing tactile paving – bumpy or striped surfaces on stairs, pavements and train platforms – to help visually impaired pedestrians avoid potential hazards.

He came up with the idea in 1965 as he sought to help a visually impaired friend navigate his way around busy public areas.


inRead invented by Teads

The panels, initially known as tenji blocks, were first introduced in Japan’s Okayama City on this day in 1967, before being made mandatory by the country’s rail network a year later.

This led other cities across Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka, to develop tactile paving in the following years.
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